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  1. As a pirate DJ all im going to say is if you message me directly I will absolutely either move the party or ensure people arent running loads of scripts etc. We do this because we believe in a community though absolutely do not want to inconvenience. Thanks all!
  2. @Patch Linden Could you clarify the position on a charity using the fairgrounds. Are donation buckets allowed? Thanks!
  3. Are you kidding?? I hope you are because all ALL of the organisers gave up countless hours of time, love, dedication and help for NOTHING. They didnt even expect to be thanked. Cant wait to see an event you organise
  4. vouches for this and this together with the people who tipped me directly were then donated. As I said to Gingr I was overwhelmed by the kindness the entire weekend
  5. This thread has been really kind and positive ..... until now. Bless your heart
  6. DJs should have asked (though personally i'd not unless it was for charity where my tips went), organisers should have said, moles / lindens should have made it obvious. Lessons are learned and we move forward as a great community.
  7. Pretty sure yardsales arent the point of it and community events and parties are which as was very rightfully stated may include charity events so it would be great to have an official answer. Which im sure we will. But not at a weekend. Lindens get to sleep too
  8. Thanks Gingir and amazing job you and everyone else did! Volunteers rock!!! (as was the mentor saying years ago - shows age)
  9. Just to reply again I have a DJ jingle I play at the very start of all of my sets. Just introduced me. If you were at my set you'd know what im on about. I asked permission to play it because I wasnt sure if it was commercial. A jingle. With my name. Hopes we get a great answer soon but in meantime when im djing at the pickle there will be no tip jar.
  10. Molly mentors have always been unpaid. Way way way back in the day I was a mentor and I did it because I love the community, like we all did. I've been around SL for 12 years plus and I do agree mentors would be great to come back just not sure if we should be paid for volunteering. But lessons are always learned and i'll just continue to do what I love to do. Play music and make friends!
  11. Just to be fair to the organisers they worked their absolute socks off as volunteers so I dont think its fair to blame them. It is good this happened though so future events can absolutely be clarified.
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