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  1. I'm looking for a sim with a nice name...max 60k L$ per month. Please message me in-world.
  2. This is my resume: https://southern-peach-sl.blogspot.com/p/second-life-history.html My model resume: https://southern-peach-sl.blogspot.com/p/model-history.html My Photography Porfolio: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taylorerin/? If you are interested in hiring me, please IM me in-world.
  3. Understandable. I just wish my inventory would be fixed, it might solve my issue but who knows, maybe the relog once it's deployed to me will help me.
  4. Thing is... I asked Support to fix my inventory. They keep saying it's the the Thanksgiving Bakefail...and still 9 days later, I'm still sitting her...a cloud.
  5. I know I'm apart of the Metachat Bakefail...but can't they fix our inventories and it will allow others to see us? I see these other things about bake fails and having LL fix our inventories...Why can't they fix the inventory on this? I been like this for NINE days and support says they are working on it. I don't understand, it's making me not want to log in and play which basically wastes my premium, and why I have it..
  6. I've been really thrilled with 2nd Fleet as Star Trek Sim. It's been fun and so educational about the Star Trek world. If anyone is interested, feel free to look at my in-world profile.
  7. My Main Gigs: I'm a DJ. I can do Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, Events, and More. I do all songs and all requests. I'm also a photographer. My portfolio: I'm also an officiant for weddings. I have done many of them in the past. Other things: I have also been a model and blogger which I'm willing to help out with. I've also taught photoshop and clothes designing. I've also been a general moderator (GM) for RP sims and Clubs, also DJ and Host manager for clubs. If interested any any of my services, please contact me via IM, Emera
  8. We are looking for staff for a clinic and dates! Come join our staff! Great incentives! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdR5rdZ1it2t5gl8EPLRV-Ssga4K-MwwlNUTBf2pigmC1jCg/viewform
  9. I need a mesh building creator who is looking for commission and willing to work with me on payments. Will discuss project details one on one. IM for more info: Emerald Heartsong
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