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  1. Thanks guys, but I found anopther solution! Thanks for your respones!
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to start a thread on this topic because I’ve run into a problem. I was in an empty bar filming a scene with my classic avatar. Now in order to make the lips move I need to use my mic. Unbeknownst to me some people came into the bar while I was “In character “ and let me know my mic was on. They were lovely people and very good sports. However, I am wondering if there is a hud for classic avatars so that I don’t have to use my mic to make their lips move. Is there a script I can use or jerry rig so that I can do this? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. O
  3. My second life username is: MCFUNTOWN (why can't I change this!) First of all don't change MCFUNTOWN! IT'S HILARIOUS! Second, I agree with moirakathleen, Exploring different sims and places tha interest you can be fun. Join some groups! Oh and if you wanmt to learn how to do certain things in world Youtube is always a good source as well. But most importantly be yourself, be resepctful and keep having Mcfun!!! ~Maddie
  4. This was the most fun I had! Happy Birthday SL!!!! Can't wait for next year!!!!!
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