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  1. I think there are surely also guys in SL like me who refuse to use voice and fine with text only. I don´t like using voice much because my attempts to speak English sound silly and I cannot hear music or do other things when I have to use voice.
  2. Sure, but it´s a waste of time and energy to deal with them with the hope, that they would change their behavior. It will never happen really. People who have meanness deeply rooted in their personality don´t care about other people and possible sanctions like a ban. Just block and leave them alone simply. It´s better to Interrupt any contact to them quickly before it ends a waste drama.
  3. Well, maybe my English is too bad, but I wrote about my impression of you at first. I don´t see you as opponent, also I´m not here to persuade you about something. It was meant as hint. About your indirect accuses against me: Nice try, but your words doesn´t affect me and people who know me very well, know also that I´m not sharing these "values" about subjugation etc. So if you want to control someone, look somewhere else. It's not anyone who has "told the BDSM practitioner what to do"; it's the BDSM practitioner who is telling women (and men for that matter) what to do" Both are practitioners, not only one. About your rest: It´s vague and not possible to validate for me. If you know most of the men, well. I do not. Also I´m not claiming to speak for all or most whatever. I´m also annoyed by some fellow males who behaves really badly to women in real, but I´m not mixing it up with political topics.
  4. Some Off topic: Actually you remember me a little bit on some ex-residents of the ex-neighbor-country with an oppressive political system, which collapsed in the last century fortunately. These people supported much the idea to control people´s personal lives and to watch them all with a huge secret service agency. I don´t want to live in such an environment, where others are going to tell someone what to think, what to do, what to dream or what fantasies someone should have. For me you appear to me as someone who is trapped in the own ideology and seems to be shifted to someone, who wants to fight for freedom and equality with oppressive methods. Sorry, to tell you this so directly. Nothing personal. It´s just my impression about you when I read your postings. About the majority thing: Well, I don´t believe much in that. The history of my own country taught me very well, that the majority isn´t always right. About BDSM: In fact it´s not a crime where I live. But some seems to confuse it with crime because they didn´t get the point, that it is a consensual thing. By the way, also the other roleplay ideas are based on consensus. No one can force someone here to take a particular role. Well, some jerks think, they could, but they land usually quickly on a blocklist. Also get over the odd belief that all men has to be dominant and all women has to be submissive. If you plan to shame other for their lifestyle than keep in mind that you are also going to shame males who act on the submissive side and females who wishes to act on the flip side (on also all others, who are acting in between, as trans or gender-fluid or living their fantasies as furries whatever). About the main topic: Well, personally it´s hard to believe that women outnumbers men so much. I might have an wrong impression, but in the roleplay areas where I move around sometimes I don´t see really a shortage of men there. In addition I don´t feel like a guy, who is stranded on an isle full of females. Sometimes it appears to me more male-dominated. It bugs me only a little bit sometimes that I often read on other profiles "only females" for instance. As a guy who is an deeply rooted introvert it makes it a little bit more difficult to get engaged. But yeah, that´s just a personal thing and I send very rarely IM´s on my own to others. Often I read only other profiles and I wander only around lately just to see some different places without reaching out really for any possible connections. More men clothes wouldn´t attract me much, because I am a bit too lazy to invest for the 'right' body which I like and which is popular enough for creators to make some clothes for it. But sim crossing is a thing that could be improved much. But beside of that, I don´t have an idea what´s missing really. You can build, script, create own content, explore, roleplay whatever.
  5. San Alejandro. I said to myself before that I want to live at least at a spot where the sea isn´t so far away and where some people around. I could also join the house lottery, but I have no need for that really. I´m just happy that I caught it at the right spot. 🙂 Congrats to all other winners.
  6. Finally I got a house at the region where i want to live, yes!!
  7. Hmmm, a houseboat would be also fine for me, if it is on a square parcel for an optional skybox. Well, the view on the picture above is very nice.
  8. Usually there will be pop up a warning with a countdown that the sim restarts in X seconds.
  9. No chance. I saw 7 times a house, but every time my connection was too slow....
  10. It seems, that the houses will be a bit earlier in the pool before the restart of a region is finished. I saw the first posts from house winners for Everett when the region was in the process of restarting. I refreshed a few times, but I got nothing.
  11. For me it doesn´t sound pathetic. I understand your reason, although my own reasons are different. Beside of my curiosity about the other side it´s much easier for me to get into roleplay. I don´t feel so much under the pressure of the expectation to approach someone and I don´t face the assumption so really that I would look only for pixel-sex. Well, my experience seems not so extreme like Leo´s. For me it´s also a kind of experiment to try a different role, for instance how a dominant female could act. And last but not least it´s easier for me to keep my RL more separated when I´m not in my male avatar. The only advantage with my male avatar is, that I can be relative sure, that no one will approach me if I want to explore or to stay somewhere else alone sometimes.
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