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  1. Never under any circumstance accept items from strangers. Very dangerous in SL. It's like would you accept a lollipop from a stranger in RL? Don't think so. Be careful.
  2. I'll send you a message later offline Too many girls got the IM offline feature disabled. Respect to you.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I will sure to check them out
  4. These Perhaps back in the 90s it was chic and funky to be physically close to other tech companies. Silicon Valley has changed drastically as well. The only reason old tech companies remain in old tech territories is because a dog gets used to where its born and raised. My only issue is that when companies are not being efficient enough which makes the people suffer who uses their products. Even doctors are being outsourced to India in LA. Some guy in LA had an indian doctor on a monitor screen with a moving robot tell him the bad news at a hospital. To me that is the forward sp
  5. I have 10 years experience taking paparazzi pictures of unbeknownst girls "mainly girls". I put them into categories. Thousands of pictures. If you need some help I learned some tricks to get the perfect photo using the aspect increase and decrease methods with stellar lightning configurations.
  6. Looks very cool mate. I met a girl who said she was a pro wrestler in SL. I'll sure to check it out more. Since you guys seem to take it serious that's neat.
  7. Young adults these days prefer modern PC programs. Which tends to be the majority users of these programs when it comes to casual usage. Most young adults in SL seems to be from South Americas or countries where SL is the modern tech art. Which is great. I'm glad they live more modern these days. Those who were in SL in that era 2005 I figure most got very old by now and moved on. I met a girl who said she was in SL last time around 2007. She tested it again and told me how they used to have fun back in the days. The whole culture of SL changed. Like a new country and immigration took ov
  8. I recently found a script which is anti-vampire. 10 years and I didn't know such existed. Boy happiest time of my life. It's said the script sends an overload signal through the TCP connection to the other user. SL is FUN
  9. I want to find some kindred spirits too. Hit me up sister. I'm smoke free.
  10. If you ask me. They should increase it to 14.88% that way they can secure their expensive office in Bay Area. Btw Pamela congrats on your success in SL. People are just jealous.
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