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  1. This virtual world can be cruel at times ... If we are not prepared to deal with events and we are not able to interpret each other's reactions ... So far, I do not understand why one person has the ability to harm another, simply out of intolerance ... I fell into the network of those who see themselves as owners of SL and use the influence they have to isolate their enemies and cause harm to them, doing bad reputation of a person who simply had the courage to react to the prejudice and intolerance suffered ... I may have made a big mistake, reacting to the attitude of Mr. Juggy's Juggy (juggernaut.messmer), but he managed to expel me from the voodoo community and made my life within the second life more difficult every day !!! I love being in this world ... But, I realize that day after day, the doors are closing in front of me .... My life was investigated .... My privacy invaded .... This happened because I am someone unable to have a premium account ... I have no privileges ... I always had to go to places that were not always my favorites ... just to be able to survive in a world where everything is very expensive. ... That if you want to feel inserted in a community full of cliques, which exclude us without even thinking a little if it is the right thing to do !!!! I keep fighting to get my Lindens on the right path and without harming others ... but I feel myself sinking into a great void ... day after day .... 😞
  2. Creio que funcione assim....Quem pode mais, chora menos!!!! Digo isso porque eu mesma fui alvo de um abuso de poder recentemente... Fui expulsa da land do tal poderoso e ele ainda me denunciou ao Voodoo Sploder e, não sei o que ele disse ao suporte do voodoo, fato é que fui banida e tive minha conta desativada também ,,,já não posso ir aos sploders... Vida que segue!!!!
  3. Yesterday my viewer fell and I had to leave ... When I came back, my body disappeared and almost everything from my inventory too! I walked in today, thinking it was something transitory, but still! I lost everything I had just received the empty folders! I don't know what to do and I need help!
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