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  1. Hey Shayn, I'm Cat and Always looking for a good fun time. You can hit me up in world {catherinejayne tyran}.
  2. Hi there, and welcome into the world of second life. -smiles- I'm Cat, and I'm just i guess saying Hi
  3. On Saturday, March 21 at Noon SLT, Universal Championship Wrestling Presents, We Are UCW : Exhibition. You will see the likes of: Kandy Perez, Beckett Winter, The Playboy Chip 'N Dale, and many others! You're not going to want to miss this show, so save the date!Date: March 21, 2020Time: Noon SLTLocation: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nolan/227/49/21
  4. Hey SL! Are you, or have you ever been, interested in wrestling? We are currently hiring! Whether you want to be a wrestler [male or female], Manager, Valet, Color Commentator, Ring Announcer, Referee, or Medical Assistant - We have a place for you and would love to have you! We are a warm and welcoming new SL Wrestling Fed that would love to add you to it's family atmosphere! Check us out and put in an application! Right now, we're preparing our exhibition shows as we put together our opening show - this is something you don't want to miss being a part of! Whether you are new to the world of SL wrestling or experienced, we welcome you to come be UCW! Wrestler Application: https://forms.gle/FCzECqEJKPUTowax5 Staff Application: https://forms.gle/hGf63bo8yWCTC3DAA Manager & Valet Application: https://forms.gle/GDUaUNkQ28iiFMjJ9
  5. Universal Championship Wrestling is Looking for Staff! - We are looking for a Color Commentary - We are looking for a Head of Commentary - We are looking for Medical assistant - We are looking for Technical Production Staff - We are looking for a Ring Announcer - We are looking for Talent to wrestle We have both Voice and Written Promo and Skits. We have one show right now, which will take place on Saturdays at 12pm SLT UCW Welcomes all new comers, and experienced people. =============================== +++ How to Apply for Wrestling with Us+++ 1. To Apply please go to this Website: https://forms.gle/TB3fMrsJJM9F3uCHA 2. We will contact you upon Review and schedule an interview. =============================== +++ How to apply for Staff with Us +++ 1. To apply please go to this Website: https://forms.gle/q8J68ub7991oe82x6 2. We will contact you upon Review and schedule an interview ===============================
  6. NOTE: This is NOT a paying Gig. It's volunteered base. Universal Championship Wrestling is Hiring Staff members to help run our Federation and Shows. We are looking for the following: - Social Media Adviser: This person would work under Catherine McNeil Aftermath. They would help with graphics for social media, along with various posts. We have a twitter & facebook - Marketing Adviser: This person would work under Catherine McNeil Aftermath. They would be helping with out with advertising the federation and the shows. - Production Staff: This person would be hired to run the production viewer for the shows, this will be laid out more with the Owners. - Trainers: We are looking for Experienced Wrestlers for Training with the Huds. Fill out the Application: https://forms.gle/SaEfCF8UJ7oPtfeK7
  7. Heck Yea I'm up for Exploring and I don't like doing it alone either. So if you want a Buddy, then I'm your gal!
  8. Hi there! I would love to find people to hang out with when I'm not with my boyfriend and Girlfriend. I'm a pretty neat person to hang out with I think. So if you want to hang, you can hit me up in world.
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