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  1. You want feedback from an actual paying subscriber? Fine, here's all I know, and that's there's no way we're paying 30%+ more annually for the current levels of poor performance and lag. Scripts don't work, attachments become stuck and you have to relog just to swap hairs or shoebases... I mean come on, seriously? Changing shoebases? This is the great Cloud improvement you want us to pay for? How about you try fixing it and making it worth paying more for, and then I and my roommate might consider renewing, but not at this rate, and you can forget the grampa'd in one more year at the old rates pricing deal offer you danged, another year of this poor performance at the old price is no longer worth that subscription rate either. So, let's do the math here, shall we? The totals in this household go from $79 x 2 yearly earned by you to $99 x 2 lost by you because you want to charge more for even poorer still performance. Sounds about right to me, I wonder how many more feel exactly the same and will do the same as us? Here's a thought: try giving us what we're paying for instead of asking for more. You have just lost 2 loyal paying customers who were willing to be patient with the performance issues, but not after this slap in the face. Not now.
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