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  1. As far as I understand what I'm reading the only people that benefit from paying LL the $72 for old price this year is any accounts due between 3rd & 24th June this yr. For me my account is due after so will get hit with the $99. Since I'm not from USA that means my SL bill will cost me almost double now because I use the stipend to help pay my tier & without a 37.5% increase to stipend to match the account increase this means I will have to choose where my money will go. I pay almost $1.50 of my currency for every US$1, that is before any country banking conversion fees or LL f
  2. Yes I use my stipend to help me pay for my account. My point was that cost went up & stipend doesn't. At US$72 a year Stipend works out to be US$4.50 help each month to pay for account that is about 75% of cost over the year for people to use it in SL in paying for shopping etc or use to pay accounts IF they save it. After increase this will only cover 54%. For me this is not an increase of just US$27 but an increase of Approx AUD$40 for the account with also having to find an extra AUD$31 for the decrease in stipend bonus because it stays the same making this change an approx AUD$71 bill
  3. I can see an increase is needed & over due but a 37.5% increase with no stipend increase to go with it. It should have a cost of living increase of L$112 a week to match the US$ 37.5% increase.
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