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  1. thats awesome! yay! but still why drive away people from sl when it already seems to be slowing??? and in reply to someone else comment earlier , so noone should comment or protest the banksters on many countries that all of a sudden your food or commodities doubled in price? or when you get 5 snickers bars in a pack instead of 10, then 8, then 6, now 5? people have every right to protest unsound business tactics taking away things they already had and were promised! or to boycott or in case of sl, quit . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loss_aversion and really? (to another comment earlier) how much real space do the 0s and 1s linking to all the groups amount to? ( Twitter “needed just 20 terabytes to back up every tweet that's ever existed… that's about twice the estimated size of the print collection of the Library of Congress.” LINK. “A TB, or terabyte, is about 1.05 million MB. All the data in the American Library of Congress amounts to 15 TB.)
  2. yes if LL wants to be so greedy and lose customers that even free accounts spend so much $ and $L in the economy...supposedly to save server space for groups...meanwhile causing lots of people to create new alts to join group thereby taking up more server space...is just well economic and corporate suicide. the bad part is, mikey that the free group gifts or discounts you might get from store groups wont be transferrable to your main avatar :(((( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loss_aversion
  3. instead of taking away something that we already had and are use to (42 groups) and making so many people leave slwhen traffic seems to be slowing anyways....heres an idea for LL to help save "resources"! why not delete anything not sold or used or rezzed in sl since before 2007? 2010? omg every time you look on mp is way outdated thiings that im pretty sure noone buys thats just taking space on servers. and with a small program searching uuids im very sure this is completely possible. instead of ruining sl and making so many just get tired of less for more
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