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  1. Well, I agree that it might be odd to complain about SL dying. It's not a process a single person could evaluate properly as there are too many parameters having an impact on the number of active users. What I experience on my own is that more and more sims I visit are deserted... I further experience that the traffic on the sims I frequently visit is decreasing. I further experience that sims without any business purpose are decreasing (sims only having beautiful gardens, landscape architecture, themes without any commercial purpose). This makes it for me less attractive to visit SL.
  2. The home page of Second life advertises "explore and make friends". I'm eleven years in SL. When I entered SL eleven years ago I was stunned by the fantasy of the numerous sims...dislpaying beautiful garden, balloons ... exploration tours. Most of these places are not existent any longer, which is no surprising when you look at the incredible land prices. If you really only want to live out your fantasy and create a sim out of fun..only for hobby... you don't pay 100 to 300 USD a month. That is simply insane. This Linden business behaviour resulted in a world which is - as RL
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