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  1. Sick trend. Very sick. Doing nothing by clicking on the settings of the base account to impose restrictions, twisting people's hands and kicking them in the ass, so that the risen VIP can be registered Total arbitrariness and bullying. Tomorrow, Lindens will impose additional sanctions for basic accounts - they will limit the number of clothes, number of accounts per person (email), the number of characters in the message, remove personal albums, remove avatars photo, set a limit on the number of teleportations, introduce a commission of 200 percent on depositing money ..., Trust is co
  2. did I insult you? You do not see the trend? Tomorrow, basic accounts can enter a limit on clothes, on teleportation, on time online, and other *****. Do you want it?
  3. Besides. I, like a VIP, outraged You increased the payment by 30 percent and gave me an additional 10 groups? Seriously? Remove all limits from the number of groups for VIP, and increase the number of prims in VIP homes by 2 times Otherwise, your VIPs will leave you, so pay extra for + 10 groups + 30 percent - there are no such fools. Everyone should understand that Linden can easily remove all restrictions on the number of groups - these are database settings, the database is NOT overloaded with a list of groups, this is 1 click in the administrative panel ))) The list of use
  4. Continuing wrong, otherwise attempts to rob the owners of basic accounts. Now you threw a bone like a dog, returning a part of what we already had, and think that it was all over? It's outrageous! The credibility of the owners of the game is lost almost completely, the greed of the owners has no limit. Tomorrow you will raise prices again, and again steal from us what you have, by entering for example limits on things, on the number of suits, on the number of teleports, or invent some other *****. To squeeze money out of us. Where is the guarantee that you do not stop mocking us? You
  5. Well, someone comes every two or three days for half an hour to say hello. And someone comes once a week. I'm talking about approximate estimates of the number of active accounts and not about accurate estimates. Lindens themselves talk about the numbers of a million people a month.
  6. No one is in the game for 24 hours. 1-2 hours on average. And not every day. To maintain the figure of 50,000 online during the 24 hours, you need about 24 / 1.5 and multiplied by 50,000 - 800,000 people. If 1/2 of the players comes 1 time in two days, then there are at least 1,200,000 active accounts in the SL.
  7. You're right. The abominable logic of thieves who are trying to explain to me why they are climbing into my pocket again.
  8. Two letters from Linden to the mailbox - again the problems in the game. And they are trying to sell this *****, and they also steal from the players of their group, and also raise prices)))
  9. forget about new stores - after the sanctions on putting money into the game, much less money will come into the game. This will tell you any bank employee. In order for more money to come in and more people put money into the game - you need to lower the commission, and not raise it.
  10. it's just a computer toy. Only a computer toy. And not the goal of life. There are free open sims, many give free bento bodies and a lot of people. All the clothes there are free, and the land is free. I don't care where to play. And much the same anyway. They play where better. They play there where they do not try to rob, but they try to rob us. Twice a year increase in prices for money input + theft, + price increase. Thanks to Linden for help in the development of open Sims grids. With their idiocy they actively help it)))
  11. In a word, Lindens dealt a heavy blow to his child, who is already leading to a massive exodus of players in the open Sims, refusal of VIP accounts (I refused two VIP accounts) and the termination of putting money into the game as well as reducing the players' business activity. Epic idiocy - all players are opposed to the Lindens.
  12. on Russian web resources (this is a million accounts and hundreds of thousands of players) there are hot descriptions and many offer to go to the open sims. And all the commentators agree with them. If the Lindens wanted to lose their players, they already lose them.
  13. To take away from a person some number of groups that he had before is the most real robbery. And to try to sell him what they stole is generally disgusting and deserves contempt and spitting in the face. The owners of the game completely lost face from greed.
  14. The number of groups cannot be touched. Money paid for these groups. The people are wildly outraged and require blood, talking about leaving the game in open sims Many already register accounts in the open Sims. In second life they will not return. 20 of 50 of my friends wrote to me that they were leaving, in the open Sims. Mockery of the owners of VIP accounts, making VIPs more expensive, despite the fact that they are not bought at all, is losing 2/3 of owners of VIP accounts. And a blow to the linden business. Making an extra tax on putting money into the game is an epic stupidi
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