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  1. That does LESS than what they wanted. That's removing features from users not adding more.
  2. this is a private companies forum, there is no free speech here.
  3. So they do exist... the mythical 30 year old boomer.....🤯 Please tell me more about how I'm entitled while I continue to get screwed. It really makes you look like you know what you're talking about! I swear! 😏
  4. oh cool that failed linden labs project that we have to pay extra fees to fund instead of fixing the game we actually play? fantastic!
  5. Cool now I have to pay more for premium even though my IMs never get capped and I actually clean my groups out. I've yet to even get a new linden home. Looks like I'll be paying out of pocket for other people's enjoyment. On another note, region pricing is still ridiculous. When I saw there was a price drop I was expecting 50%+, not a few dollars. Linden Labs makes a huge profit margin just to give us slow updates with their spaghetti code. Still no name changes. Still no decade old features. I'm assuming all this money gets blown on sanfran rent and coke. If you actually cared about
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