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  1. Nothing is getting remade ever. The current lindens are stewards, nothing more.
  2. It's better to pay attention to actions than words Move to CDNs, a cost cutting measure Hastily make a new linden home area that looks like a turd on the map but it's pretty popular. Didn't convert enough people to premium though I guess. Punish free users, the majority of users, and make premium more expensive. At the same time. What kind of desperation is this? Everyone is being punished no matter what they do. Lowering group counts for free users actually punishes creators because most of their group members suddenly have to cull 10 groups. The removal of quarterly payment is another subtle fee increase. Monthly works out more expensive, or you have to pay a chunk for yearly. Higher withdrawal fee. The economy is the main feature of this game at this point. Why would you disincentivise participation with a fee increase unless you really needed the money. And it's fee increases for something people have been using for many years too. People have a grim acceptance of the fact the tech behind this game is never going to improve much. No company ever admits that things are less than fantastic no matter what situation they're in. Most of the time their own employees are kept in the dark too. It would be doubly chaotic for SL if they said things were bad or, god forbid, they were shutting down. People would go insane and start ripping entire inventories of stuff. How it would happen is you would wake up one day and SL would be gone.
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