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  1. This would only apply to basic members. Someone with a premium membership could start the group to get around that. I understand they run a business and have to do things to limit groups and add value to their premium membership while still being fair to the basic member community at large. That number was just a random one, they can choose the minimum to be 10 instead of 2 for example, but it adds value to premium memberships while not impacting the economy in a way that affects creators and everyone else alike. Limiting the actual groups that people paid for to join would have a bigger impact as people paid money to join a group that they can potentially lose out on. I understand people who RP want to have their groups as well and that is totally fair, and that is why premium members could start groups without the same limits applied. At the end of the day, we have to understand they are a business and some things will not be fair to every single community in SL. What we need to focus on is things that grow the economy, which is what keeps SL open and going - without a strong working economy, it would die out and they would not have a reason to keep the servers open anymore. That should be the ultimate goal - giving value to premium memberships while providing a good experience for basic members on a universal level.
  2. My idea for what it's worth @Grumpity Linden Premium Members - If you are going to raise the fees, raise the value included. • Up to 70 Groups • Cloud-based storage for inventory backup (if there is a sim crash or you accidentally trash and delete something, you did not just lose possibly thousands of US dollars). • Land and Linden allowance increase slightly (351 prims and 500L Stipend) • Remove service fee on purchasing linden (this promotes premium membership, and the number of times someone buys linden would not hinder anything, and they are putting more money into the economy, giving you a guaranteed monthly amount and when premium users cash it out, they would pay 4% and when basic members cash out they would pay 5%. This promotes premium memberships by giving them real added value.) • Welcome package for new premium members (a box of goodies from LL) Premium Fees - Keep Quarterly options - not everyone can afford 100$ at once or wants to pay monthly, having something in-between is needed and is just better business. Basic Members • Up to 50 groups (This helps everyone, creators and players alike. It helps build and strengthen our economy and provides more longevity for SL. If there is an issue with groups, look at JIRA and work on fixing those issues.). • New Group Limits must have 20 members or more - groups owned by Non-premium members must have at least 20 people in them to stay open or be charged a weekly fee (50-100L weekly). • Keep service fee on buying lindens and increase cash out fees to the 5% • Offer new members basic packages that they can redeem (social media type offer codes like new players receive a welcome package full of things to get started, this will drive new people to the site) • Better tutorials and walkthroughs for new members. Linden employees who are at welcome points to help those who are new - a new position possibly that offers help to those just starting and get them into the groove of things. • Using Social Media to attract new players - people love a good deal and offering things to get them to start playing only builds your own economy and adds to the longevity for SL. Using tactics that promote growth rather than forcing people to do things will give you a much better outcome over the long term.
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