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  1. If you carry a USD balance but not cashing out, you will be subjected to Tillia's account maintenance fees from my understanding. The ID bit , as was said is only for processing a cash out of any money. The only time you will not be subjected to Tillia's fees is just buying Lindens to spend, but if anything goes to a USD balance-again even if you don't cash out- its going to be subjected to fees.
  2. Open the graphics preferences in Firestorm and under the rendering tab, look for this option shown and enable it, restart the viewer. This will pretty much eliminate most blurring and thrashing that I have seen in FS.
  3. I am not a troll. Here we go with the thing I was talking about. I am not trolling anyone. I am stating my opinions on this topic, just as you are. And you can slice it anyway you want, but Second Life is not a necessity for anyone. To say such a thing is just silly. Water is necessity, breathing is a necessity. SL is not a necessity. And I agree with much of the rest of what you said btw.
  4. Its not lecturing, just stating my opinions on the matter. I post with my main account also, and I don't try to make trouble with anyone but people think they can then just message you or single you out for poor treatment because you say something different than what they think-that is what I meant by the extra comment.
  5. Its also how many in society single out people for abusive behaviour for just having a differing opinion, not necessarily 'bad ideas'.
  6. If you mean baby boomer, I am not one of those. I like to think of myself as mid-stride millennial. (34)
  7. I've been reading through this thread and the overall sense I get : entitlement. You all know that LL is a business first and foremost, but consider this : SL is NOT a necessity for you to exist in the world. If your biggest gripe is group slots and stipend amount or SL fees you live a pretty cushy life, even if you don't' believe so. You either pay up or you move along, this is how life works-virtual or otherwise. No one is forced to make a living in SL or even use it, it's all a choice. You (we) are not entitled to anything. Your RL budget and financial limits are of no concern to anyone but you. It does not matter if you are on a fixed income or you have a zillion dollars in the bank, things cost money. When you can't afford the things, you do without them until you can. You really think whinging on this forum is going to change any of that? I don't care if you've been in SL since they opened the doors or 5 minutes, you pay or you move along. End of. And yes this is a new account I made because I would rather not make myself a target by posting with my years old account, because people can be really extra like that.
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