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  1. Sorry no this was dumb idea to begin with. I am not paying hard earned good money to only chose from 8 last names. Now if I had choice to make my own sure I probably would. But there are hundreds of thousands of us on this site to only share 8 last names? NO THANKS I like my name to be me, unique & different not have everyone basically have same 8 last names if I am wrong & it will be more than 8 names better be like 100's to chose from so least it can be little unique but even still NOPE I shall stick with my own.
  2. REDUCIN FREE & RAISING PREMIUM GROUPS SEEMS AGAINST WHAT YOU SAID HERE you know if groups are hard on the system instead of reducin them how bout chargin more to make them?? isn't it like only 100L to make a group? So almost anyone can toss up a group just becuz the felt like it, MAKE IT HARDER TO MAKE A GROUP & they wouldn't be such a strain. How bout make ppl prove they are valid group now, cuz tell me how many made a group & probably 1 - is neglectin it cuz they not here anymore or just don't care, 2 - they made it for 2 ppl or maybe more but don't use it an
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