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  1. @Fox Wijaya it is a diffrence between having 175 land impact or 351 land impact and then make premium account from72 $ to 99 $ i would understand making price to 99$ after finishing the continent but if 2 people pay one price for supposed the same conditions and then the conditions between both changes i totally understand why people get angry. just my opinion
  2. @Fox Wijaya not enough new lindenhomes yet alot of people have premium and cant get the new linden home because theres not enough thats a diffrent to me. it does not concern me because i have a new premium home on bellissaria i have to pay my premium year membership in the end of the year whats ok to me as i said i love to support my fav hobby ! but it is a diffrent atm but people have to pay more money soon for membership without having a new lindenhome and i think this is a big diffrent i understand why people are angry now.
  3. I understand price increases coming with innovations and I really like to pay for my favorite hobby (at least as long as I can afford it financially) but the only explicit reason to the topic of free account reduction is are quite a strain on our back end? 7 groups are deducted for free player and 10 for premium added. I like to quit on 7 and take only 3 more groups so that the free players can keep their conditions! also in offline IM's it will be deducted 10 for free members and 30 added to the premium members. here I say increased by 20 not 30 so that the free players can keep on the
  4. I totally agree ! ! rise the price BEFOR all have same conditions, it scare people away, even one of my besties (she loves SL) already said she wont update her billed annually not because the price rise, just because she dont has the same condition like me but have to pay more for something she dont got yet... even i have premium and a new linden home i would do the same and i dont know if i want to update in the end of the year yet... BUT even more worse: remove condition they already gave over years to free member is super anti social. even linden lab is a company this plattform would be NOT
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