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  1. I'll admit I don't usually post here, so maybe that line shouldn't bother me, but it does. I've been with SL for a while, longer than I thought I would, which means that likely upper management above you is just as old as I am. Perhaps that's what you meant by that, and I'm going to hope that's the situation. Happily my membership renewed before you raised your prices, with any real luck by the time it comes up next year LL will have decided this wasn't the smartest thing they ever did and reduce rates to normal. I'm enjoying having my own little sandbox for once. As to the end though, 2 main possibilities come to mind, 1 LL just up and pulls the plug one morning and no 1 can log in, or 2 Sansar, Sinespace, Utherverse, or something similar takes over SL, but leaves all our accounts intact. I'm hoping if it comes to an end it's the 2nd one.
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