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  1. Boo hiss indeed! And thank you for all that you share, I would have liked to experience those golden olden days (mesh or no mesh lol). I buy lindens to pay rent for a little piece of land that allows me to indulge in my addiction to creating scenes and places, and to practice and try to learn some building, but I have no intention of selling stuff. And yes, I do care about the document issue, I hope it is true that I won't be required to show anything further along (up to now I've only had to sign the tos). That might even make me reconsider staying in SL. Thanks again for sharing!
  2. This would definitely explain it, as there have been fluctuations on the value of the dollar in my country. I never really would have wanted to initiate said wallet, as I really don't intend to incur in commercial activities involving the real world, so to speak. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and explain, it does set my mind at rest somewhat to know that I will not be asked to provide additional information. Thank you!
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I have a question. I am not selling items in SL or the SL MP, nor do I intend to change lindens into dollars or any other RL currency. Also, I am not in the US. Suddenly I am not being able to access my online SL account or the MP if I do not accept TIlia's ToS. I do not wish to do so, nor did I think I had to. Is it going to become obligatory for everybody now?
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