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  1. That's exactly the point i was making. I agree 100%
  2. Prokofy Neva, thank you i actually did not know about the Hand of Fatima, and that greatly helps me understand the meaning behind the present logo. With that in mind however its very obscure, and brings me back to the thought that it needs to be better executed, as another member of this thread Ben brougham also said. or though the contention has been raised by Gatogateau that a complete over haul would be too drastic. i think in light of the political tensions specifically where second life is moving to a secure banking platform (tilla) due to worry about terrorism using their platform as
  3. I honestly didn't understand the joke, and in the context of this thread i am not happy because i am being picked on, and what you said only furthered that. I will accept you did not intend to harm me, i have never read Macbeth, i hope that when i do google this i wont feel hurt by you feeling i would make a good lady Macbeth, because that does seem like it might be a hidden stab, again i could be wrong. Also since it is somehow a topic of discussion, my name was chosen from a list of possible names when i signed up over ten years ago i did not type it, i did not misspell it, i simply cli
  4. there is no excuse for the way Gatogateau and Beth Macbain have treated me in this thread, they have both been condescending and rude towards me, Beth i can understand is trolling Here they state they are going out of their way to be mean in every other case, their goal has been to upset me so they can have a good laugh at my expense, i guess they were the sort of kid who loved to pick on the girl with the stack of books and trip them over to kick at them when they were on the ground crying, that's just bullying and ok i accept that. but why did Gatogateau feel so compelled as to per
  5. Ill accept that they think its funny, but i don't know how making me feel like i'm not wanted is funny. it just makes me feel like i'm getting picked on. I didn't do anything different to anyone else i just gave my opinion and i gave it in as concise a manner as possible. next thing i'm being called names, and being told i cant know what i'm talking about because i didn't share someone else's opinion its relay horrible. But is that a cultural thing? is telling someone to get out funny in some part of the world? Its just straight up mean, if someone says GET OUT they mean for you to leav
  6. Why are you also being mean to me? I have been attacked on this forum all over and you gave the bullies more ammo? did you even read the context to which i was attacked? Here you can clearly see it happening. why? why is this community so horrible to each other?
  7. No not at you, the apology is for you. I believe you are genuinely interested in opinions, but there are members of this thread who have gone out of their way to be personally insulting towards me in every possible manner, i think its because i stated i am a designer, its a form of tall poppy syndrome, i have a qualification, i came to this thread because clearly this interests me then when i stated why i have an opinion i feel it is justified to express i am speaking with a qualified opinion, because i thought people would be interested in what a real designer has to say on the matter. I'
  8. I'm honestly sorry i couldn't have been a better guest in the thread Sylvia you sound like a lovely person and i did want to contribute positively, but its frankly impossible, this is a big problem with second life. No one is actually interested in knowing what you think and offering good alternatives or commentaries, what they are interested in is drama and fights, telling you how you personally are some how worse then they are. they then can run around saying "ohh i trolled this person so hard on a thread till i upset them" yes, you did good job your a pillar of the community. Please d
  9. I have changed my mind, the logo should be a hand, but just a giant middle finger, that way everyone will know at first glance exactly what the community is like.
  10. All your response proved was that you are argumentative and there is nothing i can say to you that wont make you argue with me. apparently you believe that the logo is perfect and that is your right. Why you feel you have to justify yourself to me i'm not sure, i blame myself for engaging you in this foolishness.
  11. No but thank you for pointing out where auto correct has adjusted my wording, i will make the appropriate change. You know with a little more education you could get a job at a front desk.
  12. Well its clear to me you have no concept of a text thumbnail, so further words are wasted on you. For continuity's sake What i outlined was not supposed to be taken as an end design but an example of what 5 minutes of brainstorming could conceive. If your interested in learning more about design and branding i suggest you take up a course in it. If however you feel this is the pinnacle of logo design that we are presented with then there is no argument i can make to get you to think outside of your box. I have presented my educated opinion on this it is there for all to read have a lov
  13. I don't disagree with the idea that you should stick with a known branding, if it is a good and justifiable branding, However it is very common practice to completely redesign a logo if that logo does not represent your brand. In the case of the hand with an eyeball on it i believe it does not represent what second life is, at least not more than the previous branding did. let me give you an example of what might make a better design lets look at the components of the logo, we have a hand and we have an eye. even a basic case study would tell you second life is about people and people creating
  14. Precisely the hand motif holds no meaning in its own right, and when you enhance something that has no meaning away from the visual relationship it has enjoyed with a product what you end up with is a meaningless branding. Imagine if you suddenly changed the coca cola logo to blue as opposed to red. The branding would loose its significance, and in that case would be at risk of being mistaken for another competitive brand Pepsi. Logos are very important in what you want to communicate to your audience. A bad logo can significantly damage a brand, a good logo can significantly bolster a brand.
  15. I hope they didn't pay money for this. If they did i suggest they ask for it back, This is not even close to a positive change. As a designer i have to ask some questions. How does this reflect the current branding of second life in 2020? Are we suggesting that second life is a platform that will only subtly move forward but stay the same? How does this function better as an ICON on a toolbar or desktop than the present logo? Frankly it is harder to read than the original in smaller detail. What do you think of as representing the second life brand, as a player for over a decade i c
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