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  1. Thanks for the suggestion here however no action was taken by the seller to fix a simple error on my part so I guess this just means a lesson learned as a consumer. Thank you to all those businesses out there that do correct these little mistakes, it really does create positive word of mouth. X
  2. Hey there.. I recently attended an event and made the mistake of purchasing an item twice due to the slow delivery and questioning if i had actually paid the first time, the transaction was really slow. I went to the Caspervend page where I then seen the double purchase and contacted the Seller with the transaction information placed into a notecard. I received a IM today However there is no record of a refund being sent. My question is asking if there is a way i can see if a refund was actually sent? The Transaction Notifications doesn't show anything from the seller. Thanks for reading my question. Akia Koneko.
  3. If I've posted in the incorrect location, any advice is appreciated x
  4. Hey there, I'd like to provide visitors with my recommended windlight or time of day setting for a parcel, can this be done easily? I currently use FS and new to having leased land.. Thank you in advance Akia x
  5. Sometimes English isn't their 1st language either. This attention alone proves to be good marketing, it's getting bumped lol.
  6. Hai ^^ Can the Bed mentioned above be modified to support "It's Not Mine" ***** system... I purchased it just now and expect amazing times to *****.. I'm not familiar with the whole modifications scene, just curious:)
  7. Beautiful venue, especially love the room system ^^
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