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  1. Thank you, everyone, for the replies, and my apologies for not getting back to you immediately. I had been busy with RL things. Anyway, I did not find any solution, though I had spent days trying to look up stuff and actually try them with my avatar. In the end, I just bought a ribbon choker of some sort and it covers the line. It also goes well with my dress, so I think I'm relatively more contented with my character now compared to when this issue started, but I still do hope there could be a fix sometime in the future. Again, thank you everyone for the replies!
  2. Thank you for your explanation. I feel much better now. I get too obsessed about fixing small details sometimes.
  3. Thank you for speaking up too! I hope the producers could address the issue as soon as possible. I do have a Maitreya body and it's beautiful, but ditched it for the Belleza Freya for a thiccer avatar.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I tried other skin applier demos from the Belleza store, and they all have that neck line thingy. I even tried playing with the Belleza body skin tones, thinking that I probably chose the wrong skin tone, but it seems like I didn't. I don't think it's just my viewer because a really helpful guy, who also helped my husband with his question about his own mesh body, also told me that he can see the line on my neck. I've asked the Catwa Live Chat support group, and a lot of people suggested different things which I have all tried, including changing the windlight to Cal
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I've been in SL for many years now but I just mainly wandered around different sims and didn't care much about how my avatar looked before. I decided to go back and introduce my husband to SL, but I forgot the password and email for my original avatar so I recently made a new one. Obviously, I'm new to SL fashion and mesh bodies, so I really need your help. I bought a Belleza Freya body and am using the Medium skin tone that comes with it. While looking around the store, I saw a really nice Belleza Skin Applier (Jordan) in Medium. I bought that too, thi
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