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  1. So I am bored but I love detailed RP. I wanna start something new.... I have seen some of those Vacation RP places and some offer just a catered dinner or a honeymoon hotel service but I want something more! I want to offer a full vacation RP experience on a mega yacht that will sail on the water and maybe make a few stops along the way. My idea is that people can pay a charter fee to rent the vacation for different prices with different levels of device. The lowest end might be a stewardess attending to all the quests needs in a realistic fashion and at the highest a multi night trip through te Blake sea with stops to notable locations. The thing is that RP in SL is slow and I don't want to invest in this if no one cares for such a thing. Thoughts?
  2. woops and typo.... lol Hiring***** Proof read Carrie! See look you don't even need to spell to work here haha.
  3. FLiPnCrAzYs is hiring for DJs and hosts. its a pretty laid back place. you pick your sets and show up when you like. A fun Classic Rock n Blues Club . We have evening shows and concerts every Tuesday . We also have many different styles of Djs and events so come say hi Contact Carrie(cuppycake91) in world for more details http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seahorse/172/16/40
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