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  1. After receiving mysterious messages saying things about "closing in" and "be prepared", I found it best to lay low for a while and relocate to a different place of the world. At least the sushi is good here!
  2. And of course when I get followers, I follow them back immediately! BTW, I meet these lovely peeps, eh SHeeps, in that lovely french costal village everybody is talking about.
  3. Looks like I've picked up some followers: They told me they also prefer to be unshaven!
  4. Or will I? There, now it cannot be unseen
  5. It's apparently the beard that is my main feature, I've got multiple enquieries the last 24 hours on what it is and where to get it It's in the skin applier, Jay from Stray Dog, you select "Clean" or "Beard" when you apply the skin. I was this close to post a picture of me clean shaven, but it made me look like a 15 year old school boy, a sight I will spare you!
  6. Time for the classic "Look were I went on holiday!" picture.
  7. I am a decent man who knows how to dress properly in public places. Also, cold water.
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