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  1. places this right here with her acorns
  2. Scampers into the Homes reveal and plants herself in front of this one and claims it with a pile of acorns.
  3. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel Monster Truck
  4. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel Arrives in style to the GRAND OPENING PARTY of the Animal Sanctuary
  5. #SquirrelLife Bellis Blues Cafe Bellisseria Squirrel wanders upon something new in Bellisseria... She wonders if this is where all the cool Squirrels can be found? @Chic Aeon & @PrudenceAnton http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36
  6. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel never seems to run into a nut shortage in Bellisseria
  7. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel (RP Avie) Evangeline Ling (Real Avie)
  8. #SquirrelLife Because Bellisseria Squirrel should not be limited to only 1 kind of house on her lot! PS: Thanks to @MichaMoz for making the first Traditional/Houseboat Lot possible... Squirrel STYLE!!!
  9. #SquirrelLife The Invisible Squirrel
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