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  1. #SquirrelLife Bellis Blues Cafe Bellisseria Squirrel wanders upon something new in Bellisseria... She wonders if this is where all the cool Squirrels can be found? @Chic Aeon & @PrudenceAnton http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/38/240/36
  2. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel never seems to run into a nut shortage in Bellisseria
  3. #SquirrelLife Bellisseria Squirrel (RP Avie) Evangeline Ling (Real Avie)
  4. #SquirrelLife Because Bellisseria Squirrel should not be limited to only 1 kind of house on her lot! PS: Thanks to @MichaMoz for making the first Traditional/Houseboat Lot possible... Squirrel STYLE!!!
  5. #SquirrelLife The Invisible Squirrel
  6. #SquirrelLife Saturdays are a great day to just chill out in the pool and do nothing... even if you are Bellisseria Squirrel
  7. #SquirrelLife Accept NO Imitations ❤️ Bellisseria Squirrel
  8. *squints a little as she looks at the Squirrel in the gif which is clearly a cat dressed as a Squirrel*
  9. #SquirrelLife Meanwhile... Somewhere in Bellisseria... Bellisseria Squirrel is eating a Burrito unimpressed
  10. #SquirrelGratitude Bellisseria Squirrel is thankful for all her BEARS from both the Lindens & the Moles She is also very thankful that the rocks in Bellisseria are very small avatar friendly for perching herself up on She is also thankful for all the beautiful TREES!!! But mostly... the BEARS 🐻 PS: Bellisseria Squirrel also really wants Quartz to make his Bear so she can add it to her growing mountain of Bears!!! (Anyone who tries to put Bellisseria Squirrel through a Linden/Mole Bear intervention will find her ready to fight you with a pickle on a stick 🐿️🥒)
  11. #SquirrelLife Happy FOOD of July!!!
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