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  1. i just think its wrong to hide the price increase and the non-premium restrictions added and the transactions fee increase to the bottom of the post and make it look like "good news everyone....full regions cost less!" but i dont get a ton of offline ims so i guess no big deal to me.
  2. no. Hey i was mad at you earlier but now i wish Ivy had taken your advice. muted me in the world . and i should have done the same.
  3. yes and no. there are still people running around from the old days in very very old outdated avatars that still are having fun and enjoying themselves. however for the most part it seems most are in mesh. and while i hated mesh to start with because i thought it was laggy (it still is and often can take forever to load) i find now that with the right mesh setup you can make a pretty awesome avatar (IF you put the real time and effort into it). and many people now days apparently wont even talk to you unless you have a mesh avie. soo in my view there is nothing wrong with investing a bit into that. but if you want to run around in an outdated avatar with that horrible "linden hair" when second life first came out. your totally free to do that and im sure you can still make friends in doing so. but its def worthwhile to at least consider checking out mesh options 😉 if you plan to stay in second life long term there is nothing wrong with doing so. for me im finally taking the big plunge into the world of mesh avatars and i wont be looking back! actually i think for me i had the trouble of getting into drama (as evidence in previous posts) and i think for me a bit more of an investment might convince me to have a bit more patience for second life and make better connections and ignore the ones i should let alone ;-).
  4. thank you IvyLarae for harassing me in im when i asked you to leave me alone. now im done here.
  5. Hmm could it be someone other then myself didnt like the considending rude attacks you made towards my listing of pet peeves when YOUR the one that asked for them in the first place? So what not content to attack me on the forums you now insist on harassing me via BOTH private message on the forums AND in second life? Funny how you told that person that "you dont know me" and yet your behavior so far has been 100 percent predictable. and i love how you just messaged me "HI Evenios" with a smiley face like you actually want to have a friendly conversation after belittling me here. And apparently sooo unable to take any form of criticism you just HAVE to know if it was me or not. Im not the only one who saw your responses you know. and since all your going to do is goat me into having a conversation with you just so you can stick your unwanted opinion in my face. Im now officially ignoring you. Had a feeling youd eventually would (or someone else) harass me in IM at some point. Move along child. Nothing more to see here.
  6. - when someone posts their lists of pet peeves and you are tempted to personally attack them for it. good advice for us all.
  7. I just want to submit to you all as evidence of the state second life is in lately by all of the wonderful responses i just got from my list. I would think that at least one or two people would have responded with "omg i know exactly what you mean!" but instead not only was my list atttacked, i was personally attacked as well (even going so far as one lovely person saying they would block me in world) for sharing my own experiences. Lovely. first of all to the 60 year old who blocked me in world (i dont need to quote the resonances you can read them there) You obviously didnt read what i was saying. i am not talking about someone who is 9 months younger. i am speaking of older women who flat out refuse to even talk to a guy whos SEVERAL YEARS younger then them. If your going to get bent out of shape over something so much as to block someone in world that you and i most likely never would have crossed paths anyways. You might do well to actually read what the person is saying first. secondly to the response of the person saying that submissives arnt doormats. that is again, NOT what i am saying. Of course a submisive has the right to her own opinion i am NOT saying they dont. What i am saying is i meet so many on second life who claim to be "submiisive" in which case i beleive a truley submisive woman and not just one who "roleplays" should have a submissive personality. they are polite, respectful , they can have opinons and thoughts but not try to say it in a way to force it upon someone. thats what i mean. The types who after only knowing you for 5 minutes will blurt out "your not a dom" thats what i mean. No you dont have to bow down to someone the second you meet them nor accept their collar BUT it would be NICE if you could show a LITTLE respect and politeness. MOST of my pet peeves are about commen sense about being a human being. about showing other people you give two cents about more then just yourself...about proper COMMUNICATION which should be a cornerstone of every connection.....friends or mor but i oh so thank you for your lovely responces. and i think for the future ill keep my opinions free from these forums lest a group of you make a notecard of every thing i say you dont agree with and pass it around to all your friends (been there too). I add every single comment to my list of my pet peeves that was made to me.....to my list of pet peeves. because ironically your responses just proves my point. Not one of you. not a single one responded positively to my list and said "omg i know exactly what you mean." and that my friends is the problem. and yes maybe some of my actions have caused issues. i am not a saint by any means. but you know bottom line i TRY to give the person i want to connect with the same level of consideration i hope they give me. and time and time again quite honestly you people on sl are just down right RUDE! but thats ok... ill remember the responces and remember what they say about karma people ;-).
  8. Ok......i finally did a demo test by getting both bodies demo the same skin demo and the same shape for both and the same demo boxers. and i find that gianni seems to be a bit more detailed and.......on jake the autoalpha doesnt fully work..the butt has parts that peak through..... on gianni the boxers fit perfectly without any alpha adjusting. 🙂
  9. biggest issue i have often is with people.after being on sl for a good while overall. - hate it when............. people you add who are never on people you add who are always busy or always afk. people you add who end up just removing you as soon as you log or the next day without telling you. people who always hide their online status in your freinds list so you never know when the f-ck they are on. when you tp someone to visit you and they immidently go afk for a very long time. when you are in a conversation with someone that keeps going back and forth between afk and chatting people who take FOR-EV-VER to respond to every single conversation. people who mute you over ONE misunderstanding and/or LOG OFF so you cant try to work it out. overly opinionated people (often "submissives") who stick their unwanted opinions in every chance they chance to try to undermind you. people who say "we are better off friends" when you JUST met them and havent even had a real chance to get to know each other. people who say one thing is fine (often sexually) and give into that thing and then the next day act like they shoudnt and want to run (even though you never forced them to) newbies who apparently are able to download second life, create an account, login even sometimes create a basic look for themselves but cannot understand the simplest tasks even when you try to walk it through step by step. older women who run the second a guy says hes a bit younger without even giving him a CHANCE just because of his age. older women who are in their 40s 50s and older who type and act like they are 20 that ONE (or two) furry that always hangs out in a place filled by humans. women at franks place who are always afk. people who tell you "read my profile first" when you try to get to know them only to find out there is NOTHING in their profile that actually really tells you about who they are and its often filled with TONS OF quotes by other people and when you point that out they get super mad at you.
  10. "slowly getting to understanding........." ok.......so Jake HAS been updated to fix the mesh head issues (finally) BUT is still some issues with starfish hands without certain bento aos? good to know? lol
  11. so turns out maybe i am wrong? that Jake has some issues with starfish hands and mesh heads blend better with the signature body and that jake hasnt been updated in a while?? hmmmm...
  12. "Neither are quite as well-supported as {Signature Gianni} when it comes to apparel," ok not sure where that came from but this is the false conclusion that the Signature body is the "best" body for male meshes. and thats not true. I was visiting the store and saw how the body alone costs 3,500L (which is 500L MORE then the average mesh body in sl and 500L more then Jake) and i saw a very good looking male avatar there hanging out and he told me that Jake is far better by a long shot... I saw this thread trying to figure out what mesh body to get for my male upgrade and it looks like Jake is the best bet to go to. it cost less and with the right skins it can look amazing. Id pass on signature for now and i think that quote above is also a bit incorrect.
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