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  1. https://forums.utherverse.com/yaf_postst130915_Asking-out-of-curiousity.aspx
  2. Correct!! Reports of stolen textures need to come from the owner of the original textures. Until the original owner contacts World Operations saying they are being used without their permission, WorldOperations is unable to remove and act on reports. If WorldOperations is contacted with a proper DMCA or content removal request the textures will be removed and the appropriate action taken. I am not able to share a link, but you can find how to complain in your browser, type Utherverse TOS.....for designers who are not from States and designer who are from States
  3. I am serious and I only want to give you evidence and warn you about stealing outfits from SL. Lavelin in RLC is stealing from SL. I am talking about 40 thieves which catalogs are completely stolen.
  4. Hello, You need not be a member of RLC (Utherverse) to read forum! RLC is a virtual world! Thread names is: Asking out of curiousity under Textures: Clothing, Tattoos, etc. They are stealing from each designer in here, but mostly from Blueberry, Elegance Boutique, Just Because, ISON, Addams, Larry Jeans, erratic and the others. You can fill the form for complain if you are not from States. If you are from States, then DMCA. Thank you for your time! We may not post thieves names on forum, but please email tor4wraith. There is about 40 designer who steals from SL.....in lot of cases their catalogs are totally stolen from SL.
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