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  1. 6 hours ago, karynmaria said:

    ............or you can just choose to view just the Linden auctions only by clicking on the box when you go the auctions therefore avoiding the resident auctions.  People can list their land for however much they want for it.  Doesn't mean they will get it, but it is their right.  And people have a choice on whether to buy it or not.

    Yea I know, I agree. I was venting at the time about a resident I noticed in the auctions. Maybe the Lindens can at least restrict someone that failed to sell their parcel via auction ( no bids because starting bid price was ridiculous) from resubmitting that parcel for auction for a time period like 2 weeks or a month etc.

  2. It seems to me that many of the resident auctions are redundant, i.e. the minimum bid levels  are the same as they tried to sell the parcels originally (at exorbitant prices). A 2X road protected Horizons parcel with nothing else special L$40000? A 1024m2 water parcel for L$15000? Please go back to putting your parcels for sale with the color yellow  signifying FOR SALE and leave the auctions.


    8 hours ago, Alyona Su said:

    So... A *Premium Subscriber* is entitled to a Linden Home (or any 1024 parcel on the mainland) and all land-use fees (a.k.a. "Tier") are waved, making it entirely and totally free. But if I didn't get one of the newer Houseboat Linden Homes, I can *rent* a resident-owned facsimile from you (where you are in control and can eject and ban me for any or no reason at any time) for $8.00 U.S. per month and I get only half the space and prims I would have (2048 m2) if I paid that same amount directly to Linden Lab. Got it.

    So, this is a great deal... how?


    I'm new, I missed out on the Linden homes. I kind of liked the houseboat theme. Not sure about this SL game though. Do I want to pay premium for a month or two at $9.50/month or rent here for a week at a time $2/week without the premium membership to try the game out. Not a bad deal for a newbie. 

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