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  1. When you buy a GF region there is a transfer fee of $300, when you pay this fee you can also change the name of the region at no additional cost and possibly (but I'm not 100% sure) also move the region at no extra cost (you need to check this with LL). When you purchase a region, both the seller and the buyer submit a ticket to LL with exactly the same information and must reference each other's ticket number on your own ticket submission so LL can verify both the seller and buyers interest in the region transfer. This ticket must show how much you intend to sell/purchase the sim for,
  2. I decided to add a loft to my Windlass houseboat, pretty happy how it looks, it doesn't detract from the style and utilises the internal space. Its only 7Li, now I just need to play around with the rest of my interior to get it down to be able to rezz a boat (I currently have about 5 spare, lolol) It's really fun to wander around the regions and see what everyone has been doing with their houseboats (I was fortunate enough to snap up one on the squishy pickle regions last week!) I'm loving everyone's originality and style that they've added to their new homes, its great to see! ❤️
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