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  1. Hey Moria..., a sincere thanks for the response. That's great advice. I just need to be patient and find my space in SL. But, to anyone else reading this, I know my avatar is basic but I'm only looking to chat and make a friends. If that's what you are looking for, please find me. It'll be fun. Anyone else, who just wants to "shop" for me, I'm 100% not interested.
  2. 100% thanks to the few who responded on this forum. Unfortunately, I've only been contacted by scammers and/or people trying to sell me something. In retrospect, maybe my subject wasn't the best... haha. But, I feel like I'm missing something.. How do other newcomers meet people and make friends?
  3. Hey, I should have made it more clear in my initial post that I really am just looking to meet a woman around my age to hangout, explore, get to know and have fun with. Just send me a message and we can work our way through the awkward initial chat. Also, if you are just looking to sell or scam, you are wasting your time. Thanks!
  4. Nevermind, I see that you were obviously helping me. A Sincere thanks for the reponse.
  5. Is that a reply to me? Did i break something? I do have a tendency to mess things up...
  6. I do understand that that people can be "whoever" they want on SL, but I guess i"m just a crazy risk taker!
  7. I'm a early 30s guy who loves chatting and goofing around with new people. I'm trying to figure out SL, so let's explore together. I don't think I even have a home yet. How about that for selling point, "Hey ladies! I'm homeless!" If you have a sense of humor, can laugh at yourself and are looking to meet someone new, then let's connect. It'll be fun. My second life username is: MCFUNTOWN (why can't I change this!) & username is: Theroux Looking forward to chatting w/ you soon!
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