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  1. Yup i saw 2 houses today around 1:30pm almost 1 after the other and the classic "sorry" after i tried to get it. Then a houseboat about 2 hours later. Still missed it. The one time i actually get on and stay longer than 30 mins refreshing and I missed them. Oh well,so is life😝
  2. Overlook Hills, Samara, Elm Heights, Grenadine Lake , Needles Point , Estate Park, Harbor Bretannia, Bisque Sands, Muskoka Way, Coven Row, Ashen Place, Pandemonium
  3. Can you get a linden home trying from your mobile on your account or does it have to be inworld?
  4. I think its a waste of time. You can use voice and video chat on instagram,fb,skype,whatsapp etc. Why do you need SL on your bloody phone. If you miss a day paying rent log in the next day. Most wont kick you off the land for one day and if they do they arent worth renting from and Id move on. I think there are more things to improve and bring to sl than mobile access,last names etc. I just put a period between my first and last screen name.
  5. What are they doing with the land that the old linden homes are on? Why are they not taken down yet? Couldnt that be used to make more awesome themed communities. I mean we have traditional, houseboats, and coming up trailers and cabins. If they could make or choose to put in houses that have a lower LI like 65 that would be nice and it is possible. A theme like brownstone tyoe homes would be awesome. A more urban city scape than suburbs but still nice. With a small garden area in front of each walkway and a yard in the back to put whatever. Large park area in center city for ,pond with ducks,
  6. I think it would be kinda cool if they did incorporate a small shopping/restaurant district in the the central area but far enough away from homes. A nice harbourside cafe, a row of 1940's ish shops for locals to open up small businesses there like a bakery ,mercantile, fresh seafood/fruits and veggies, fishing gear, quaint italian restaurant, and maybe a store for locals to sell gachas but set up like a regular store not just scattered everywhere.I think it would add to the community traditional feel.Possibly like the street pictured minus the cars. Where the flowers and roped off area is,is
  7. Hmm what if they did it alphabetically and numerically? For instance they announce "june 30 there will be 1000 houses and 900 houseboats available for premium members with names from a to e". Whatever is leftover could be offered to the next 0 to 2 starting names. If the amount of a-e goes above then they would be in line for the next lump of homes along with f-j names and 3-5 names.Or wait till the end of the alphabet and start the letter and number groups over for remaining that didnt get theirs in time due to whatever reason. It may sound confusing but it could be worked out better. Its a t
  8. Get rid of the groups, get rid of all the 10 year old freebie places and stuff.Get rid of all the defunct stores and stupid events that dont make sense. Concentrate on sl only and fixing lands up. If they keep groups they should charge no more than 50L( which still doesnt make much sense because most i know join a group for gifts then drop the group). Get rid of all the ugly governor linden buildings around. I just went premium and gave up a great skybox rental to get a linden home which im waiting for. I decided to go month to month to make sure its right for me. I even bought all the furnitu
  9. Well maybe im what you are looking for? Im definitely single in rl no kids same as in sl. Im fiercly loyal and would love to have an sl family sometime. But it would be nice to experience some of the romantic parts of sl with a partner. I havent done that before.I mainly come on and spend time alone. So if you are interested ill tell you more about me and find out more about you inworld. Autresdesade resident.
  10. Im aware, i just think it should be done that way.
  11. They should have a page people who plan to abandon can post or once its abandoned LL can post it so people can try for it.
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