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  1. Maybe one month ago I was watching lucky boards and clicking double tile for prizes at ADN and a man send IM to me and told me every time I win can he pay me 50L. I said yes and I won already 2 time before and told him to give me 100L for them and he did. He is a paypig and paid me money to be rude and mean and bossy to him. After one month I never see him again, may be he got bored of me and changed to another girl. I miss him (miss the money) and will tell him how bad he is if I see him again and to give me more. He likes it a lot. I want more pay pigs
  2. I buy a LAQ mesh head but I change back to original type head because I think it make s a different style with the look and I like it. I wish I can hide the old style eyelash because I add new, but the old make a trans effect with the new and I don't like it. I also make eyelash 0 but it makes a trans. Now, kneel below me and tell me where to find
  3. I like to be look pretty and be lovely. I like a man to be look ugly and be lovely. I like his ugly next to my pretty and if we are both lovely then we can have lovely times. I have never in all my SL time (3 months.. hehe) seen a mesh man who I think - wow! .. Never, not see one. They all look like poser, gay, cat walk model, under 30, "ooh look at me" type. I like crusty men, mature men, men who do not love themselves in a bad way, men who try to look nice with what is available for them without spend big money. Not everybody has money in SL but the men avas that have money the mo
  4. Your previous post said Get off my lawn! but thank you for help.
  5. 5 pages -wow! Thank you, but some of it is about a story of another person but is ok, it got people to talk toegther To be clear. I post because I feel privacy did not work and result I was banned from a place. I do not care I was banned because I do not care about the place, but more for safety of a privacy setting for Picks .. it did not work so can not be trusted again. To be clear number 2. I had only one pick and now deleted. Now I have zero Picks. My Picks had a anime cartoon picture and it was not sexy, just normal, and my Picks writing was normal because profile space is not
  6. I made a Pick in my profile and set it to be seen by Friends Only. A man who was not a friend made a comment about it and I checked the setting again and it was Friends Only. I changed it, then changed it back again to hope it would be ok. I got banned later from a sim because the Pick was a adult location. It should have be private from people who are not friends. I delete it now because I do not want this problem again. I do not trust any more the privacy settings in my profile, it is not safe. I use Firestorm 6.0.2
  7. Reporting it might be considered selfish, not everyone's bank cards are accepted by Linden Lab and the alternatives do not work either in my part of the world. People generally only see the world from where they are standing, usually america, which is sad.
  8. Not Vista, but this is free and has similar to what you describe. Maybe worth a try https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TuTy-LUCKY-GIRL-FREE-AO-MOCAP-and-BENTO/5283511
  9. Still on the zero linden trail, but now with a Maitreya body bought by an exceptionally generous member of this forum. I told Belinda I wouldn't mention her name so as not to embarrass her, so I won't. Life is so much easier with a Maitreya body, at least my second one is.
  10. I confess, I haven't read the last 26 pages so I don't know if this one has been covered already, but mine is from a newbie perspective as I've only been in SL for about a week. When I search out gifts and freebies I often end up zoomed in to it using the Area Search. When I click the gift it often gives me a link as I am not already a member, fair enough. My peeve is when places do not offer a group join when you click it and not already a member, they just tell you that you need to be a member of a group, but offer no link to join. What makes matters worse is then glancing around t
  11. I have no money, so here is my 'Zero Linden' avatar: Body: eBody Classic v8.6 - Free at the main store (not L$1) Shape: Free - Made it myself Skin: Merlin - Merlin Free Avatar 3 - Free from Marketplace Eyes: [coffee] Catwa, Omega & Standard Eyes - Free from Marketplace Beauty Spot: Chabada - Beauty spot - Free from Marketplace Hair: barberyumyum*85(SNR) GIFT - Free group gift, free join Choker: EQUAL - Spring Choker - Free gift from FaMESHed Watch: **RE** Vix Watch GIFT - Free gift from FaMESHed Dress: eBODY - EBENTO Event Gift - Spring Dress Shoes: Fashion
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