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  1. Thanks so much!!! The CATWA gift applier worked uwu
  2. So the eyebrows are coming from the skin on the head I figured out. Is there any way to fix this??
  3. So I bought a pack of eyebrows for my avatar https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/IDTTY-Faces-CUT-Bold-Eyebrows/10634216 but my avatar has default eyebrows already. I dont know if this is from the head or how to remove them. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CATWA-HEAD-Hanako/13603402 This is the head I have. Im wearing the eyebrow shape that comes with the head, but it doesn't seem removable
  4. So im new to secondlife and I've been working my way around learning, taking freebies, etc. I got some makeup and tattoo freebies, and they are a texture. I dont know how to apply this texture to my avatar. I've tried selecting my body and going to the edit mode and going to textures, but a little lock pops up over the texture box. Do i have to take my Slink body off or select an option in the SLink body hud??
  5. Hey! So im new around here. I just got an SLink body. Of course, the only things that fit this body are the SLink clothes, so my question is: Because clothing makers make for different body types and you buy them all together, should I delete the clothes made for the other bodies I dont have but came with the purchase?? I assume I can just reopen the original package if anything, but I wanna know what others do to keep their inventory clean
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