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  1. "A sense of community" is a phrase that appears so often I'm not even sure it has any meaning anymore. If an unobstructed sky/water view untroubled by anything other than sky and water is desirable, then "sense of community" plays no part in it. Why try to solve that contradiction? If sense of community, then, plays no part in it, then de-render options give a person all the unobstructed view she can hope for. Whether on the new continent or on the mainland. It really is solved already. "De-render" comes in two flavours: permanent and temporary. One can really have it all, even on the mainland. A "sense of community" (however you choose to define it) has nothing whatsoever to do with my or my circle's choice of home. We get that sense from public outings, not backyard relax-time. Our homes have fairly apocalyptic de-rendering all around us which, ironically, makes living among others very peaceful.
  2. They actually do specifically promise a new Linden Home on the April 15th Featured News video tour of the new continent and new homes; and right under that video tantalizing viewers with what they can expect, the text reads, "Your new home is waiting for you." The only thing that saves it from being a blatant bait&switch is the fact that the featured article was, eventually, adjusted to read that the new homes are currently sold out. Still, the text "your new home is waiting for you" remains there, and it is a big reason why there are hard feelings right now from people who feel like they've been promised something they can't have. These people actually have a case from the very deliberately-crafted advertising of the feature. "Your new home is coming soon" would be a kind edit for people who are still watching the video tours on the feature article and refreshing and refreshing and refreshing etc...
  3. There is a considerable population of SL residents who require that other people send them demos to try out. Whether in-world or on the marketplace, being able to gift a demo is essential to their relationship -- perhaps it is a BDSM lifestyle thing or perhaps it is a bridesmaid thing or perhaps it is a runway thing... the fact is, it IS a thing, if not for you then for a lot of others, and charging 1L makes it possible on the marketplace. Having to pay 1L for the privilege of gifting (as part of offering demos for sale) says more about the marketplace setup than about a merchant's greed. Greed has nothing to do with it from a merchant's perspective.
  4. I would advise against typing your password into any field asking to see how secure it is. It seems akin to mailing a hundred dollar bill to Frank's Banks which promises to tell you whether or not it's counterfeit and promises it won't use your cash on the internet.
  5. More land-impact allowance to decorate with; 1024 instead of 512m2; often more of a buffer between homes; better landscaping to look at out the window; outdoor space to play with that old Linden homes don't allow. Some people are house-proud and home-seeking in Second Life. Whether or not the home itself is a treat to look at, being able to set out double the decor is a treat for decorators. SL Marketplace probably enjoys the profits, too, as every finished home advertises itself for the next unfinished home. Increasing the prim allowance for the older homes would be a nice consolation prize for the majority of premium subscribers who still have old homes, while those old-home regions begin to empty as the new-home regions increase occupancy. Increasing the prim allowance from 117 to 175 was a fun thing to do, a few years ago.
  6. You do you. It is incumbent upon other residents to derender what they find objectionable, especially if you are surrounded by unowned land and there is no covenant. If you had neighbours bordering on your property, you could have a conversation with them about it. But you wouldn't be obliged to because it's your property, not a rental whose landlord exerts control over things. "Good neighbours" are more than decor-minded; they are those who JUDGE NOT each person's preferences (and believe me, there could be plenty to judge in all of us) and freedoms if they are doing absolutely nothing to damage other people. In my opinion. You do you.
  7. Top three reasons I believe premium membership is better than basic: 1, the existing linden homes are free, private, and can be as beautiful as you want them to be in 160Li with room to rez a shopping bag or five; 2, 300L weekly stipend is better than zero weekly stipend; 3, Tahoe, a beauty.
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