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  1. I understand the need to agree to the specific conditions that come with having a Linden Home, BUT, the moment I name and click on NEXT I would want to dispose of a certain time/number of seconds to finalize it. And during those seconds, the home is "reserved" for me upon finalizing. As it is now, I do not have the slightest chance of getting a home.
  2. Just took a little speedtest, lol, I think it might take a very long time for me to get a Houseboat......I am in SW France in the middle of nowhere and even with a very good computer, it's frustrating...
  3. This is the village I was talking about ))
  4. Desperately trying to get a home too, guess just being patient and wait for new ones! I hope they will put some log cabins and hobbit houses in those foresty mountain bits.....also, thinking of the movie "The Village", now that would be cool hehe
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