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  1. Agreed! I am so glad OP made this post. I have thought about this a lot. Why and where did they ever get "starter" homes from? First off I just want a simple home in a nice community for a good price. I bet a lot do. But I would like a little more and when others ask for the little bits extra they are told that "these are starter homes" so no extra paint or prims etc. So do they think the sl life cycle is to join, quickly become premium, play with the house a month then .. move to main land , maybe buy a sim? These shouldn't ever ever be thought a starter homes.
  2. So how or why are groups bad? They create lag or something? Maybe Sl should have said something about why. Or can someone here tell me
  3. I dont give much of a hoot! Everyone deserves a little raise in a decade. They have kept up improvements. They even worked on the houses to show good faith before asking for the raise . All I do is throw away money on SL: anyway. Heres another $20. I want to join their new level if I get more prime and a last name!
  4. From that Linden post "Even more improvements to Premium Membership are coming later this year: more new Linden Home themes and options as well as the introduction of an all-new membership level for those who want to get the absolute most out of their Second Life." I hope the new membership level are home meant to be more than starter homes. And some last names! Well that is what I would want. What do you all think the "all-new membership level" will be ?? I'm staying monthly so I can join the new level later this year.
  5. @Matty Luminos I forgot, there used to be movie rental places in SL. I am going to go look for that today
  6. How are we supposed to do that, may I ask? Dance in text form , light shows, drugs? Think 🤔 hhahahahah these were my real thoughts I just woke up
  7. antisocial is not the word you are looking for ... Antisocial is a version of psychopath. Asocial is the word you want. Thats more the shy type. I know this because I am one of these types but not the other. 😀
  8. I miss watching SL tv. And remember I had to buy a special tv for it etc I would love for someone to bring it back
  9. UPdate Just got a hit for a belli house but too slow to actually get it. Besides my RL want a houseboat anyway: Not gonna tell him fat chance cause I want him to come play SL more. So --- 5 hours -- i think is very near the average of how often a hit happens.
  10. Yes I am too tired. People sound fun but they are exhausting. If I could just hang with them when I wanted . But that would be rude . Maybe I like groups and activities more than friendships or families
  11. We have learned 30 seconds is safe. Anything less makes that polite "give up" screen appear.
  12. I flew over that house last night. And fot orbed out. It is such an awesome spot. And I had never noticed it before. There is another house in the valley to the side of that one. all alone awesome lucky people also they seemed to be owned by normal residents
  13. Yes Tedious! I think you just found the word that describes my frustration. It is like Sex- Pizza is the Chef's special here Everyday. And at some point it started to make me disgruntled. But yes there is other stuff on the menu . Of course I am gonna take advice and watch my ratings and just move on with my sl life. But it is Boring me. Well and 1 guys really pizzed me off. I am going nutz for that Bellisseria cat, and anytime I see an avatar with wrinkles or something unique. I have thought about making my avatar maybe a geriatric cat.
  14. When did this screen start popping up? Is it new? I came across it when refreshing for a new house. I have an rl family member I talked into going premium and explained to them how it'd take time but autofresh etc etc. Well 3 days later no house and now it keeps giving this screen saying "Linden homes sold out" .
  15. @Lindal Kidd Oh my I know it reads like that.. like I found a place where horses have become sexual overlords and that "one has a person chained" I'm just trying to laugh at it now. I ran into a string of -ugh- *****. Maybe I did start to notice it more after each rude thing. But I have always had trouble finding casual clothes versus sexy ones.
  16. Hey , this should be its own post. Has anyone even mentioned the newspaper? Many would like to read the interview
  17. This sounds like a plot to a movie. I'd hit the button and take the money if I was you.
  18. @Rhonda Huntress Yes true , true. Good advice and I will do that I almost regret posting this already because I was just in a pissed off mood because several skezzy things happened to me in right in a row.
  19. Mine is probably weird but ... I always have one New main account and then one old account waiting to be killed off. I need the old because new account have money limits and new restriction. So there is like a handoff. The old account will be around in the background until it is 2 years old then I delete it. So never more than two accounts at a time. Reason I get a new Main account every year is .. #1 - I like a fresh, organized inventory. Seriously and after awhile I figure everything in my account is dated, anyway. Also i end up hating my name. And want a new one. I have found this enhances my sl exploring and I avoid ruts. If I leave sl then come back and just want all new. I have done this since 2009/2010z
  20. I have always been tired of how SL is Sex first and everything else second. It is over sexualized and not just in reputation. Oh now , don't get me wrong I eek out a lot of fun here that is in my comfort zone. And I have dabbled in the adult areas of SL. But -ugh- SL is so many times more sexual than RL. The clothes, the profiles, everything. Does No one else thinks it is weird to be out shopping and look at a profile and instantly be reading a list of every kink the stranger is willing to perform? But then try start a casual conversation after that .. "Hi there neighbor, I also dont like being urinated on and not just when in bed!" Out and about looking a horses yesterday and most are is dressed in stripper clothes and one has a person chained by the neck kneeling naked. I just would like to go a day in SL without basically porn (maybe not the actual act but etc) in my face. All this happened recently and then I was reading the Roleplay forum section and many are looking for sexual submissive etc. And combined it just too dam much. Forgot to mention how I am talked to in IMa that is unsolicited and not okay! The weird sex propositions said to my avatar would never fly as okay in RL 2019. It makes me feel like I am fighting not to be a sex object in SL. A guy recently told me that by making a good looking avatar I was asking for attention and to be $&$@@. All I want is for it all to be kept in the adult areas.
  21. Is this even really roleplay. Or more of a sexual Dom/ Sub relationship?
  22. Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾 I love hearing people still snag a house or boat. I think people can get them it just is a slow DMV type slow of a wait. lol But It does happen. How long were you trying for?
  23. Aww yes I went and visited Amaretto yesterday after all this horse talk I was nostalgic to see my first horse in SL. But I really love my new teegle.
  24. Hey there, I was thinking how there are some cats roaming around Bellisseria . Maybe you should just come hop around there etc. Maybe make some friends that way. Lots of gardens to find some fresh veggies.
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