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  1. 4 minutes ago, Fox Wijaya said:

    i don't really get what you mean to say here ... 12AM = US sleeps (generally speaking) and EU is at work, Asia is at work, Afrika is at work ... its not a big surprise the online figures are lower during that time.

    Yes, when it is 12 Noon, = US works, EU at dinner, Asia -Sleeps. No good time to measure it huh? Dont kid yourself thinking all is fine, it is just another off peak season/time.

  2. Just now, Mollymews said:

    my last guess at what might be the issue :)

    is the parcel owned by the group or only set to group ?  Am pretty sure that only the owner of the parcel can access the parcel access controls.  The owner in this case being the group, which can delegate an officer to have owner rights

    the problem is others with the same tag can actually perform the manage ban list. im going to try a clean reinstall of my viewer. might solve that. fingers crossed while settings are saved. 


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  3. 1 hour ago, Tails Wirefly said:

    So actually,

    The slice of the pie they take is currently 6% (2.5% processing and 3.5% L$ sales fee)
    And will increase to 8.5% if the proposed increase to 5% processing happens, this isn't far off that 10%, wouldn't be surprised to see a 1.5% increase in the future honestly.
    This really sucks for everyone. Creators will either take the cost or pass it on to consumers, who already have to pay $1.5 per upload.
    A $20 land cost reduction won't be impactful enough to cover the increased premium, the increased processing fee. (especially when it most likely won't be passed on by land barons)
    I'm all for LL making money, it's good for all if they do, but this is pretty stupid.
    Oh and knocking down groups for non premium in some attempt to make people buy into a price increased premium where we don't even get to keep our grandfathered status for longer than a year? Not sure if I will be keeping my premium when sub is up, no new features nothing worth keeping it for at ~$26 more.

    edit: would rather give my 10 shiny new group slots back to non premiums, I don't need extra group slots, premium has plenty.

    Non Premiums (Basic) users like me spent on average 20k lindens per month on the marketplace purchases, We are not really "FREE" users as many highlighted, and the reduced groups really bites . Im considering a cut down on time spent on SL, maybe have a spending limit of 1K Lindens(fingers crossed) per month after june.  I can imagine the creators and sellers having a harder time making lindens with the new rules and most probably less transactions due to exodus of Basic Users away from SL. Time for me to find another game worth paying for.

  4. 1 hour ago, Crim Mip said:

    First of all, you don't encourage people to go from free to premium accounts by taking away what they already had. You make premium accounts more attractive. I think they are really going to have some serious backlash over reducing the group count for basic. I remember when they raised that and a lot of people were very happy. Groups are a very relied on function in SL. I don't know if LL realizes the impact that will have. On the other side of that. Getting 10 more groups and a higher message cap means absolutely nothing to me as a premium member. If they'd increased the land allowance again, that would have mattered a lot more. 

    I'm not really upset or surprised at the raising of premium prices. I'm more surprised they've stayed the same for as long as they have. I think their timing stinks though. They should have raised them at the same time they released the new Linden Homes. I'm sure some people are going to feel they were scammed to a certain degree. It's like "We just finally saw enough to want to be premium members. "Surprise, you got your taste and spent time and money decorating your shiney new Linden Home. Now we're jacking the prices up." Getting rid of quarterly accounts is probably to make the bookkeeping easier. I could have seen offering 6 month time periods, but they didn't do that.

    The reduction in tier costs for full sims is great for those whom it affects, but unlike what they are doing with basic accounts, it's not going to be a make or break change. If they want more people to buy sims, they need to drop or significantly lower the initial cost. I could see paying the equivalent of an additional month tier to transfer ownership and change the name. That's literally a 30 second change on the back end. There's no reason it should cost $600+. That fee can't be a significant income stream either. They want more long term land owners, that would do it. I'm pretty sure the group that I'm in that owns a collective area for our homes and such would jump at a grandfathered estate sim if it were just $179 to set up. we're paying pretty close to that as it is in mainland tier, but the setup fee is prohibitive.

    As for balancing the books? Charge a percentage on every L$ transfer of any kind. Make it say 2L or 2% whichever is higher. Also, stop funneling money make in SL to Sansar development. They need to separate that project and pay for it with it's own revenue stream. It's been a lamprey sucking the blood of SL long enough for very little to show for it.

    You are right on the taking away from the free users, Yes free users are basically the backbone of ANY mmorpg games, i can imagine a reduced free users will do to SL. Less free users, less visitors to land and sim, for real, there is no landowners or sim owner would pay for a ghost town monthly. They stop paying, and less sim available, less sim to visit will cause the remaining free users to exit and finally when no more free users, the premiums will leave too as there is only few faces available. Not to mention a dead Market Place where no one buys anything and this will cause the Linden purchases to fail too.. It is a vicious cycle that will eventually tear SL apart.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Shauna Greymoon said:

    For me, the price change doesn't affect whether or not I'll get premium. I already couldn't afford it.
    But losing that many groups is gonna take me off the platform completely for a lot of things. Which means a little juggling and less time on sl. More engagement with Flickr, Discord, etc to be able to keep up. Losing some of these old groups is gonna be sad too. 

    I'm just bummed about it.

    me too, im taking a break off SL, maybe check out IMVU. 

  6. 1 hour ago, AlettaMondragon said:

    They definitely don't look underage, anyone who says otherwise certainly haven't seen any (or enough?) Anime and Hentai to be able to tell the difference between how a totally underage or teen or adult looks in these things.

    That is what i thought, it is very normal hentai and even many of the private parts are quite pixelated. Wonder why someone would say it is underage stuffs. 


  7. Was at a Adult sim and everyone is discussing how come the Event Board changed, Apparently someone complaint to the owner that the so called image on the board "might" violate LL terms as they looks like underage.. Seriously? Since when do Hentai images illegal? And which part of them looked underage?? What are your views? 


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