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  1. As somebody who uses Legacy(although not exclusively), can I recommend it? Not for 5000L I can't. It does literally nothing any other body can't from what I can tell. You're paying double the price of most other bodies for slightly better looking armpits lol. Gabriele above brings up some excellent points as well. This company has shown us no sign they have changed anything, and we can't trust they are new people as let's face it.. they're kind of acting the same. Both use servers, which feels to me is a dead giveaway that they are in fact the same people, as other body creators don't do this. Pray you never have to make an applier for this thing. Bom is a godsend compared to dealing with that puddle of what. Then as said, if Bom is also server-issued then lol good luck if they pull the plug again. If you can get it 50% off(or more), then sure, go for it. Full price? Abso-freaking-lutely not.
  2. Oh yes, I missed that part lol, thank you. Somehow I was imagining it being closer to the edge, even though i'd looked at that region earlier. Brain 404.
  3. I also live along a region border, but I can say i'm absolutely terrified of what they decide to do with that missing region next to me. I don't like the view of boats(too cluttered/close together) or completely over water stilts(snooze-fest). For both my region and that one though, they could very well shove over water houses right up near the region line as done on other regions.. so neither spot is immune to potentially having the view be completely screwed.
  4. Grown so accustomed to seeing the unfinished/broken island in the distance now, i'm going to be sad to see it go lol.
  5. The blooming trees on the lower deck are from Mesh Plants: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147298 The one on the upper deck is from The Cube Republic: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/24072 Aaaand the trees are from 3D Trees: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/87763 Most of the other plants in there are from Studio-Skye (banana plant/cheese plants/etc): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14830 The palm trees are actually pretty massive when you first rez 'em, but they can be scaled down. Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks! I personally love the heck out of plants, but sometimes it can get a bit much lol
  7. I went a little nuts with the plants..(excuse to give my back view some foliage), but i'd say I got fairly lucky on my spot. Giving my Vic a run for it's money. Awnings are courtesy of my neighbor.
  8. I know, i'm only referring to right now compared to a few days ago.
  9. As people are coming home from Vacay, I am seeing a lot less empty over-lands, so the pool is starting to shrink again. Vics are also near gone it would appear.
  10. The over water and more-so the pier homes go immediately when they come up, however I feel there will be many over land for a good while as understandably people don't want them. Often times your neighbor's back porch is just.. right there. No privacy or anything as the landscaping is kind of scarce. Many parcels tend to be bland as well. Granted I feel they are less bland(by far) than the completely over water, but that's me.
  11. I have a stilt that I gave some sandbars/islands to match the mole-made one that came with it. Mainly because i'm currently on the edge of a region and it's just water for miles. Went all-in on plants to make up for the lack of.. most everything lol. None of my immediate neighbors have complained(in fact, my closest seems to like it). Also being on the very edge of the current civilization kind of makes me feel like I have a little more freedom. Now I just pray they don't shove houseboats in my view. More stilts I would welcome(aside from completely OW. Too bland), but would lament heavily on houseboats. I have yet to see any OW or pier completely filled in with sand or grass. I'll certainly have to look around some more. That sounds like it'd be up there with those beach trads that people shove a big grassy prim on. I cringe.
  12. I'd be stoked for a tropical theme(although I cannot afford another year off the bat of premium right now), although these don't look to be so. I could be wrong. I hope i'm wrong. I see no palms(unless they hid them because it'd be obvious). The houses look like a mix of traditional and victorian with some changes.. the sliding doors are nice, if that's what they are. Coming from Florida, i'd be thrilled to see a concrete exterior mod.
  13. Yeah, I run in to plenty like that for Maitreya as well. Maitreya is still easier to work with, though, lol.. but then Maitreya's weights and such are harder to get ahold of, so many creators use the guesstimate knock-off for rigging.
  14. They alter usually in terms of making it slimmer, but I have had plenty of instances where the deformers still leave body parts jutting out of the clothing.. I mean, I bought the body for it's shape, as it is undeniably very nice, but overall it's not very user-friendly. If i'm going to use the body, I want to use it with clothing made for it, so as to keep that shape as much as possible. Trying to make an applier for the thing was a headache as well, oh god. I would be totally over the moon for a new Maitreya body, and would buy it faster than you can say Hopscotch.
  15. That would be absolute heaven. I have been using my Legacy body as much as possible, but it's still near next to impossible to find clothes I actually like for it. I don't use the deformers as they make the body look nothing like what I bought it for.. if I want to wear Maitreya clothing, i'll just wear my Maitreya body. Easy. I would not buy the perky if I already have the other. I was already flabbergasted with the v2 versions for the Genus heads. Another 5.5k for a minor difference(such as babyface being the lips; was not worth it for me). I expect many other things to go up in price just because people are apparently so okay with these. Can't wait to see 10k bodies and heads.
  16. I think multiple cabins came up at the same time. Good luck, Elena!
  17. There's a houseboat in Moon Bay currently in the pool that has yet to come back up. I'd imagine it probably should soon, as it's been a while.
  18. Hi guys. It's been a good run, and i've loved my home's location to absolute bits for the last year, but my premium comes to an end next week so i'll be letting my beloved go. I already have one character with premium, and don't know that I can really keep 2 anymore for now. This is an absolutely fantastic neighborhood. Great neighbors, very quiet, and gives off very calm vibes. It hurts to let it go, but it must be done lol. I hope somebody loves it as much as I did ❤️ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fox Chase/254/24/36
  19. So is Dollar Tree, haha.. went in there on the first day of summer, Autumn flowers/plants up for sale.
  20. Rumors, of course. There are so many rumors going around right now it feels like High School again. It doesn't hurt to hope, but some people are way too serious on some of them and putting their all in it.
  21. A lot of people think Patch will give news/an update on the new batch.
  22. I counted 358 in the currently wip central area of Bell(provided they don't add any more).. that's going to go so flippin' fast. Be on your toes on release day when it comes around, ladies and gents! Edit: Aaand just realized i'm on my alt account. OHWELL.
  23. If you restrict sound to parcel, then you can't hear other people's parcel while on your own(one of my neighbors has a dog that barks from time to time, with my sound restricted I don't hear it; with it not restricted, I do). So that sounded like more of an issue of that person refusing to restrict sounds. I'm sorry you ran in to one of the nasties. =( What they moved on to your parcel was clearly themselves.
  24. When you see his house it all makes sense, lol Though it's likely just part of his trolling
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