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  1. So, I screwed up. I wasn't paying attention to which group tag I had active, and spent about two hours building a skybox filled with over a hundred objects, all getting assigned to the wrong group. Is there any way for me to mass select all these objects and change the group, without having to go one by one? Also, I don't own the parcel. The owner wants to set the parcel to group only but can't do that until all the objects are set to the correct group, or we have to start over from scratch.
  2. As most scripts in Second Life use the avatar's username, is it possible to have products redelivered if I were to change my username? Specifically, I am concerned about being able to get updates to my Maitreya body.
  3. Thank you for the recommendations. I reached out to Linden Support with a ticket, the told me it had to be done in world, on (or next to) the parcel with the bots, and with a screenshot, as Help > Report Abuse > Disturbing the Peace > Repetitive Spam as there is no option for bots. I am also reaching out to the staff of SmartBots to try to at least get the number of bots in the region cut down. I appreciate the assistance, and the pointers to places in the policy I can quote to reinforce my complaint if asked. Thanks all!
  4. I have had a mainland plot for almost a year now. In April someone bought a neighboring plot in my region. Ever since, there have never been less than 35 avatars in the region (not counting immediately after restarts). I now frequently can't have friends to my land because they get the message that the region is full. Many times I can't get to my own land. Watching the "Nearby" list, I see over 20 avatars that are logged on 24/7 in the same locations (except when they spawn on my land after a restart and I ban them) that are, as far as I can tell, bots. Because of these bots, the region is almost always full. These bots don't seem to generate much traffic, they just stand there. Many are clustered around advertising kiosks for a company called "Smart Bots". This is another reason I think they just might be bots. Because of the fact they aren't doing any spamming, I am not sure they violate the TOS. Even if they did, I haven't found a mechanism to report them. Is there anything I can do? Is there anywhere they can be reported? They are making it so that I frequently can't even visit the property I am paying tier for. I have considered trying to move, but what if it happens again at the new location?
  5. Thank you. Did as suggested and opened a chat. Their script fixed my inventory. Thanks All!
  6. I logged in last night, and got a message that my clothing was still downloading. Closing that message gave me a second message that I could not put on clothes as my clothing folders had no items or body parts. Opening my inventory showed that everything was gone except the default folders. In general chat every time I log in I get the following message: I thought this might be a cache issue, so I followed the instructions on the wiki to clear my cache and restarted. Still the same issue. I logged in to Second Life from another computer. Everything is still gone. The only thing I have left is the dozen or so items in my Received Items folder, and some stuff in the default folders. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!
  7. Sorry for the delay in replying. It turns out that the issue does not have to do with rezing across boundaries, as other large objects have rezzed going off my land and into other spaces without an issue, and I have noticed that a few smaller objects I have tried to rez have given me the same error message. I am still confused why this is though. I am rezzing on the ground, usually toward the middle of my parcel.
  8. I just bought a new parcel, which I measured out to be 64m x 32m. I have a skybox that I purchased, which is 50m x 30m. This box should fit into my land, however, when I try to rez it I get a message "Can't rez object <Skybox> at (<parcel coords>) on parcel <myParcel> in region <region> because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land too to see land ownership." I do own the land, when I view land borders it shows my land outlined in green, and I am able to rez smaller objects here. I am using the current SL Viewer, if that makes a difference. When dragging an object from my inventory to the world to rez it, there is no outline or preview shown. I am ASSUMING the problem is that the object is trying to rez across one of the edges of the land and thus being rejected. So, how do I rez something that is close to (but significantly smaller) in size to the lot I am trying to rez it on, given there doesn't seem to be a way to preview where the object will be or how it will be oriented?
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