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  1. I don't think it should apply to public spaces just private plots. And it would be default not a permanent setting. A notecard is nice but will only work if people read them. I would be happy to not hear things going past my house if it meant not having to put up with an ad for funeral insurance booming through my living room and the associated explaining to guests how to mute next door's tv.
  2. I could never understand why restrict sounds to your own parcel is not the default. In my old linden home I would have to black list tvs everytime someone new moved in.
  3. My houseboat "garden" can't have trees so...
  4. I got one using the auto refresh extension for chrome. It took me about a week.
  5. They still had a cabin at the premium sandboxes as a gift when I popped by a couple of days ago.
  6. This is why I only ever tried to rent once. Much better to pay the premium and get your own spot.
  7. Way to make a new poster welcome to the forum guys!
  8. Our house, garden and jetty. It was much lovelier before LL popped a road through.
  9. I have discovered that my new house is across the road and down a bit to the riding group. I am planning to pop a bicycle rezzer in my front yard for everyone to use. I just have to get my main account on to set it up.
  10. Thank you for these instructions. I got me a house after a month of trying. Actually, a couple of houseboats came up and then a traditional home around 2 am slt. Now I get to go shopping.
  11. I would like some idea of when there will be more available. I am finding not knowing to be frustrating.
  12. I am envious of your houseboat, extra prims and the ability to ride around the area. I can't twenty metres on a cycle here without it being zapped away by someone's settings.
  13. The bbq benches and trees are linden scenery. It looks pretty cute inside too. Luckily my avi has no need bodily functions as there are not enough prims for a bathroom.
  14. A positive from this is that there are old homes available in much nicer spots now. My main account abandoned and rechose a few before picking up one in a nice sim on the side of a hill with seating out front. The build is still basic but much nicer than where we were before surrounded on all sides.
  15. I am doing the refresh thing too. We went and visited the area last night and there are lots of empty houses so hopefully, some will be abandoned as people decide they need their tier allowance elsewhere.
  16. If I had been aware that there were actually no new homes available I would not have upgraded this account. I am really glad that I did not abandon my old home on my main account.
  17. You can only have one linden home per premium account so yes you have to abandon it first.
  18. I spent yesterday refreshing and got that message about twenty times. The release announcement came at three am my time so no hope of grabbing one then.
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