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  1. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me because I really wanted to check out the whole Bellisseria continent out...and thank you for the 'Welcome' to Bellisseria I'm loving my Houseboat and it's location :0)
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question and I hope it's not viewed as dumb :0) I'm a New Houseboat Owner & I was curious as to if Houseboat Owner's were welcome in the grassy Home Public mainland area's or are those area's just for House owner's?
  3. Yeah!!!!! I finally got my Houseboat after couple weeks of constant refreshing. I want to thank "everyone" on this forum for posting all the informative information to clear all my confusion along the way to make it possible for me to get in on this new wave...all of you are wonderful
  4. Raith Dagger I'm getting the same 'Error Message" too...anyone else getting this error?
  5. So will all of our pages turn to the New Homes & Houseboats when they are formally released or does it go by sections so to speak because my page still shows the 'Old Linden Homes'...just confused
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