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  1. I was hungry, lol. Several variations of Honey, Cake, and HoneyCake were already taken. I added the Vanilla after trying lots of different things and not wanting to add numbers or totally out-there spelling. So, if you're confused about what to call me, Honey will do.
  2. In SL, no. I have not experienced the uncanny valley with the avatars here. I recently watched a play-through of Detroit: Become Human on youtube though, and that absolutely did. Human faces have a ton of small movements and micro-expressions going on all the time. The lack of that is what I get the uncanny valley feeling from, in simulations and robots alike. The mouth movements are particularly off-putting to me, when the characters have speaking parts in the game it's what freaks my brain out the most. There's just something about the elasticity of the skin around a human mouth that cannot (yet) be emulated accurately in a simulation. That and the lack of tongue movement. And the teeth just look wrong. Ugh, I hate it lol.
  3. Oh gosh, I don't think I could pick a favorite if I tried. I'm constantly being distracted by new skin adverts on Flickr. LOL Right now I'm wearing one from SlackGirl, and I didn't even know she made skins! I stumbled across it by accident. I tried it on a whim and ended up loving it. If I had to narrow it down, my favorites tend to be Pink Fuel, The Skinnery, and ItGirls. There's just something about those three that always seem somewhat special to me. For realism Session gets my vote. Lara Hurley skins are gorgeous but she doesn't release very often. Amara Beauty, DeeTalez, Flesh, YS&YS, Pepe Skins...they're all great!
  4. For me, no. There's enough judgement in real life, and for me it has no place in SL. It's a virtual world, be what you want. I care much more about how people choose to communicate than what their avatar looks like. Maybe it's different for people who want relationships in SL - I'm not here for the romantic stuff. So I can't comment on that.
  5. Hello again! RL has been busy. Since I last posted, I gave up my traditional home in favor of a houseboat (during the 2nd batch release). I finally got around to taking pictures today. I'm not finished decorating, but close. And then I'll probably decide to change house boat styles and do it all over again, lol.
  6. Look overhaul. I can never stick to one appearance, I love finding new skins and making a totally new face for them. Also decided to be a redhead today.
  7. Additionally, check the tint portion of the Genus HUD for the sections being affected (lips, blush, etc.) They may have accidentally been tinted black.
  8. Yes, thank you Moles! The new continent is beautiful. I've been a resident for years (on a different avi, obviously) but this project got me re-interested in SL in general. I find myself logging in much more often, shopping more often, and exploring - which is not something I did much of before. I love discovering all the little community areas, you can tell a lot of care is going into this project. ❤️
  9. Thank you! I've been following the forums for a while, just finally got the nerve to participate. And you're right, it does look like a bird! I hadn't noticed that.
  10. I once accidentally attached a house to my avatar. Do not recommend. 😆
  11. Price aside, what I've seen of the body does look nice. The hands especially. The thing I can't get over is the "closed" applier system, where you depend on their servers for skins, clothing, alpha, etc., to be applied to it. And no Omega support. That's pretty much a deal breaker for me. These seem more like obstacles than features, IMO. While I'm complaining, I'll add their shopping experience to the list of cons. I mean, yeah, experiences are cool and all, but why make it more difficult for people to give you their money? Lol
  12. IMO Lelutka, Catwa, Genus, and LAQ are all very good quality. I use the Genus Babyface head currently and I love it. I agree with everything Blush already said, and just want to add that first: Find a head that is close in shape to what you are aiming for, because the sliders can only do so much to change the mesh's actual shape. For example, a bento mesh head with a really pointed chin most likely isn't going to allow for a softer or more rounded chin without starting to look a little off. It's all about playing with your shape, and trying different skins too - they can drastically change your appearance as well. And yes - demo ALL THE THINGS!
  13. The only pic I have at the moment is my profile photo. It is edited a bit, a little blur, a 3D effect, and some noise added. Also played with curves a little because the original was really washed out. One of these days, when I finish decorating my Linden home (lol) I'll get around to clothes shopping and taking more pictures.
  14. Sure! It's called the Palm View Kitchen Set by ROOST.
  15. Hello! I'm not quite finished with the interior but it's coming along. I think the exterior is probably 90% done. I'm on the hunt for low LI clutter & decor.
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