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  1. Most papers about Second Life were published around 2007. I'm curious as to how active Second Life was at these times: it may indicate a popularity bias around Second Life as an educational tool. Or may not. That's just one of the things I'm interested in finding out. I could only find one email address on that site and it was explicitly indicated as being for news or press releases, so I am not inclined to use it for this except as a last resort. It was my hope that, upon seeing the data, someone might be prompted to direct me to a golden source which may have the information I'm look
  2. Hello all, I hope I'm in the right place or can be directed to it. I am doing some research into the use of Second Life as an educational tool, and in my research I'd like to back up some of my results with statistics from the usage of Second Life over the years. I'm particularly interested in either the number of (distinct, if possible) log-ins or the total number of hours spent in Second Life. I've found things like http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/sl-statistical-charts/ which is very interesting but doesn't cover a long enough time period or present quite the data I'm after. So in
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