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  1. Buenas tardes Nuevamente estoy haciendo de su conocimiento que no me han resuelto el problema de no aceptar mi tarjeta de credito,.. lo he intentado todos los dias y hasta el dia de hoy aun no la aceptan,.. quiero saber cual es el problema exacto ,.. ya que siempre me manda a hace un reporte y me respondieron para que hiciera exactamente lo que he hecho borrar el numero de tarjeta , registrarla de nuevo,.. hice de su conocimiento que la tarjeta no es prepago,....He llamado a mi banco y ellos dicen que no tengo problema ,.. y no me dicen aqui donde exactamente hay reportar,.. por otro l
  2. Hi All you say i did it,... About you say me Rolig ,.. i have confirmed with my bank,.. and is not prepaid,... And Jeremy ,... Linden lab is giving us a series of problems that we may have when registering our payment cards, ... but at the time of registering they do not say exactly what the problem is ... I have been communicating with my bank ... and they It says that my card is fine and I can use it in the USA, .. I already sent a report to a soperte but they do not send me an answer, ... I try to buy lindens every day and I do not accept the card, ... ((((
  3. hi my credit card is visa ,..i use only visa card,.. so i can not to use my credit card for to buy linden???:(((((
  4. Hello someone can answer me because he does not accept linden lab my credit card, .. I call my bank and he tells me that my card is ok, .. I am new in the purchase of lindens, .. and I wanted to buy but he sends me to invoice information I put all my data when registering the credit card and it tells me that it was accepted satisfactorily, ... then what happens that sends me an error when I want to use the card ??? I appreciate your answer
  5. I am a beginner I am trying to buy lindens that there is an error, ... and they send me billing information the bank tells me that it is ok the account to speak with the provider what happen with lind lab???
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