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  1. Hello all! I am hearing about Linden Labs completing a new TOS due to some kind of new money laundering laws being passed in the US. The requirements to buy Lindens will be to send Linden Labs a photo I.D to prove it you. This sounds like a scam..has anyone heard??
  2. That's what I was thinking, ban lines are ugly.
  3. Thank you, I should have had the idea to banned them instead of asking them not to come on my boat.
  4. I have one of the new Linden House boats. I also own land so I know about all of the things owners can do as far as keeping their property private. In the "Options" tab un-checking the "Allow everyone" section creates ban lines, how ever that option won't un-check for me and part of the covenant states you have to allow people to fly over your parcel. My neighbor has ban lines and they go up past 1500m. Can we use ban lines? Why can't I and they can? They were accessing my boat and when I asked them not to they denied it and said they were going to report me to the Linden for harrasment. I blocked them and did not reply to their comments but now I see ban lines. Any answers?
  5. I just heard about these new homes last week, how will people know when the next roll out is ready? Do I just keep looking? Thanks Lynn
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