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  1. Oh no, not questioning that, each one can do whatever they want with their homes! Or even do nothing, just leave it there empty... I'm just saying that I don't understand why some people look "eagerness" for a new home (sorry if the word is not that, english is not my 1st language) at new continent, if they don't plan to use it..... if it's just to set as home or change clothes, leave the new homes for the ones who really like that community feeling, the new neighbours closer, and all that we are seeing at Bellisseria now... In 11 years of SL I really saw some houses (the old linden
  2. Actually I don't understand why so many people just 'grab' the home and leave it there, closed, and never goes, just to 'have' a house... Could leave them to those who really wants a home to be in, to decorate or no matter what, but to USE it... I have a friend waiting for the same as you Leora, someone leaving a house to grab a houseboat. Wish you all much luck! 💛
  3. The unscheduled maintenance is completed, I guess all will be able to connect, tp, everything from now :)
  4. Nice find!! I found some of this kind on inventory too, with options to change colors and 1 Li, perfect I guess
  5. New garden and new colors for the house 🙂
  6. The front view of our Adams style 🙂 Bedroom: Entrance: Living room: A small office: And outside: We are loving our home 😍 .
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