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  1. 59 minutes ago, AzaleaBumbleshoot said:

    Loyalty? logging in and checking the forums every day? Seriously? It's not about loyalty when you pay membership dues and not everyone does SL every day nor should they. That would fall under unhealthy obsession.


    All that said, is there a release date for the next phase?  

    ... I am as unlucky probably i will late and i stay homeless more half year

  2. 1 hour ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    There is a new houseboats region connected to the SLB regions in the south east corner. If you click on the SLB 20 region in different areas it tells you what each area is which is rather interesting. 

    SLB = Second Life 16th Birthday happening mid next month. 

    Wonders if this could be the third batch release news or something else ? 

    SLB 20.PNG

    Seems as the new linden home preview area

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