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  1. ....and 5 minutes later Houseboats: Out of Stock
  2. Seems will be boat race for the best places 😖
  3. every week have a few prophet with release date....just houseboats haven't 😢
  4. You have New Linden Home so you have full of positive energy in this theme, She haven't New Linden Home so have negative energy this theme. Not difficult.
  5. I think otherwise, just the update thread follower 522 people now. Many people want more homes for the alts too. Never mind...may i will stay as F5 addict.
  6. I guess the new batch runs out about 1-2 hours, i need sometime sleeping or similar rl things (I am in EU timezone) we don't know the day and the clock either.
  7. ... I am as unlucky probably i will late and i stay homeless more half year
  8. so bad feeling to read the many hopeful people ☹️ i guess not the next week
  9. ohhhh.... my guess second batch release maybe Juni (if we are lucky) or July and more about december
  10. Every day is sooner than ever before
  11. Soon...i hated this word in recent weeks
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