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  1. I look forward to it. Your group has great discussions and events. I do enjoy it.
  2. Atoni equated it to self righteous people and how they treat others. It was fairly simple to understand. At least one would assume so.
  3. For a woman, you certainly have a a lot of drama yourself. If this is what the new community is like, it would be better to avoid it, and stay within the other wonderful sims. I will check back after awhile. There are great events happening this weekend. Enjoy your homes.
  4. Can't expect everyone to be able to reflect concepts. Some can only process on a single line of thought and concept.
  5. I've read his other comments, and they were correct about the limited time each day they can do the work. He is correct however about properly preparing so people have a far chance, as well as communication with premium members. I myself decided to hold off reactivating premium until they have a stable supply of the new homes. Those who have not had a chance to get a new house on the premium subscription, will not find your sarcastic attitude flattering. You can enjoy the new feature, others can not, and they have complete justification to complain. They also are excited about it and some remain premium to support linden labs regardless of the let down. I am not certain why someone who is not apart of the project, is being harsh towards any paying member. Those paying members keep Secondlife active, and strong. I myself, will wait until it is easy to get one, then return to premium. It's the only feature worth paying for In that manner. Most of us pay for full Sims as a way to support them at a higher level on a main account. I am certain they will eventually get more homes out, and those feeling bad about being paying members will feel better, and not be made to feel worse. Take a trip to Rose Theater for some music and dancing to pass the time.
  6. I was wondering. IT was an amazing place, I even liked it over COL.
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